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Confusion As Mysterious Bird-like Creature Lands, Dies On New Year Eve

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Confusion erupted in the early hours of New Year Eve at Mbakyaa community in Tarka local government area of Benue State when a strange bird landed in the community and died few minutes afterwards.

Reports said the mystery bird, with two hands and legs, was discovered by a group of hunters who had gone to the bush for hunting and were returning home.

The situation caused serious tension in the Mbakyaa area, particularly as it was on New Year Eve. Several elders were called to identify what species it was, but could not, as they claimed not to have seen such a bird before.

This incident happened few days after a boat capsized and killed scores of people near the entity.

An indigene of the community, Mr. Tyubee John, who was an eye witness, described the incident as weird. He said that the size of the strange bird was equivalent to that of a goat.

According to him, an elder in the community had identified the strange bird as “Agevanyi” but was not too sure about it. He added that such a bird appears to be more of a supernatural being than a natural bird.

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