Day Bindow Drew OBJ To His Winning Team

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Leadership, is a blessing conferred on only few selected individuals. Even among the few selected leaders, only few among them carry themselves with panache, carriage and wisdom as many get derailed and consumed by the perks such positions confer on them and in the process lose touch with the people.

Governor Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla falls among the few leaders that have so far given good account of themselves and in the process earned the respect of the world and attracted plaudits from all nooks and crannies of the Nigerian populace.

His purposeful leadership style and the phase at which he is institutionalising and entrenching developmental strides in the state is unprecedented and never witnessed in the developmental trajectory of the state.

Fortunately for the young governor, he was able to make impact on the lives of the citizenry at a time the national economy was experiencing recession occasioned by the dwindling price of crude oil, Nigeria’s major income earner.

But despite the hard times wrought on the state by dwindling revenue and maladministration of the past governments which made the state to be economically prostrate and on the precipice of bankruptcy, the governor, through sheer economic wizardry, has been carrying out significant people’s oriented projects never seen in the annals of the state.

The effect of the various developmental projects which the governor is putting in place has led to what many analysts christened “ the rebirth” of Adamawa State as since the coming of the governor, more than a year ago, the state has witnessed a flurry of developmental projects which virtually turned it to a large construction site with new roads springing almost on daily basis.

Through frugal use of the lean and very scarce resources of the state, the governor has succeeded in doing, in a short period, what many governments that have quantum and unprecedented resources that characterised the era of boom could not do.

In the short period of his stewardship, the governor through his nimble and magical touch, has virtually turned the state to an Eldorado with new state of the art infrastructural facilities replacing the old worn out and dysfunctional infrastructure that hitherto littered the state.

The governor has, in less than two years, succeeded in changing not only the physical outlook of the state but has entrenched in the psyche of the people that the dearth of a purposeful and responsive government was their bane and major stumbling block in the past.

With the coming of the governor, sanity is now gradually taking over the precarious and comatose system that became the hallmark of the state for a long term as a new wave of hope gradually takes over the despondency of the past.

The new hope arises from the fact that Adamawa has been ushered into a new era where projects are cited without discrimination making it possible for people in the remotest parts of the state who hitherto believed they were not part of government schemes to be carried along in developmental strides.

It is because of this that areas such as Wuro Jabbe, Damilu, Damare, Yolde Pate and a lot of other poor neighbourhoods that were hitherto forgotten by past administrations for decades are now totally rejuvenated and are now wearing new looks which in turn revive the lost glory of the state capital.

The impact of the golden touch of Governor Bindow has resonated across all nooks and crannies of Nigeria and beyond with a bang making him to be a cynosure among the governors and earning him plaudits even from unlikely quarters.

His exceptional and unique leadership traits which made him the golden governor of contemporary Nigeria, has received the approbation of many important Nigerians who were taken aback by Governor Bindow’s sheer loyalty to the people of the state whom he is giving diligent and meritorious governance.

Among these personalities are the former Vice President Atiku Abubakar who has been full of praises for the governor for his giant strides in rescuing the state from its economic and social quagmires and the minister of information who said “I was dazed by the developmental strides of Governor Bindow” and other powerful Nigerians too numerous to mention in this context.

But one latest entrant to the ever swelling ranks of Bindow’s fans, is former President Olusegun Obasanjo who, upon seeing the gargantuan developmental strides of Bindow, praised him to high heavens.

This rare endorsement of the governor by the former president is particularly very refreshing and encouraging given the fact that Obasanjo is a personality known for valour and candour and not given to cheap or vein talks.

Were Bindow’s performance not impressive enough, Obasanjo, could have told him to his face his outright dissatisfaction and even condemned him and damned the consequences. That endorsement has now started ringing bells in the ears of even the most vociferous critics of Governor Bindow that the governor is on solid track and no amount of mudslinging or political blackmail can smear those sterling achievements.

Ahiwa sent in this piece from Yola


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