Stolen Glory Of A Teacher

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A teacher’s responsibilities are countless; the society expects him to be a teacher, a counselor, a trainer, a saint, a book, a mentor, an imam, a pastor, a friend, a parent a dictionary, and a disciplinarian. Yet, many see a teacher as unworthy of sufficient remuneration to make him man among men. It becomes unacceptably disheartening when this ill remunerated teacher is blamed if his students fail and never celebrated if these same students he laboured to train, pass.

Two of my students, Bolaji and Ishola sent me copies of their results and we couldn’t but dance and jubilate because they actually had A1 in both Accounts and Insurance which were actually the subjects I taught them. We were happy until I saw what people claimed and believed of our success. Nothing could be more painful than seeing someone saying your hard earn success is a product of malpractice.

Why is it that he (the teacher) gets blamed if his students fail and when they pass we deny the teacher of his earned glory on the altar of malpractice? For God sake, why will my students fail again; when the 5 prerequisites and determinants of success are now known and improved on?

However, I am not claiming some, if not, many students got their results through the back door, I am not denying how bad exam malpractice could ruin our education system, exam malpractice is here, it is bad and all hands need to be on desk to minimise it, but it is pretty bad and unfair to claim any successful student is a cheat just as it would be unfair and incorrect to assume all successful people are thieves.

To all my students that passed very well and those that managed to pass, I am proud of you, glad of your success and pray one day you shall break all breakable records to justify the fact that our result is a fair representation of our worth. To my students whose result isn’t good enough, I take responsibilityand promise to work harder to be better, failure is a delay not a denier, your success will surely come, keep working harder than how you worked yesterday, till you have no reason to work hard again.

I urge parents and other stakeholders to do the needful towards having a 100 per cent good result someday. I teach, I don’t cheat; a proud teacher I am, a happy man I am for my students are on their way to the top.

 — Boy is a teacher of a Unity School

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