Unnecessary Political Wrangling Among Juggernauts

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In five decades of Nigeria’s history, very few leaders have really understood the true mechanism of governance. For some, leading the people is seen as an elevation to a pedestal that places them above all forms of laws, recrimination, probity and accountability turning them into demi-gods whose incompetence and excesses, you question at your own peril .Plundering of treasuring and leaving the people in perpetual penury is the in thing to others. . For a microscopic few, governance is about service delivery and improvement  in the standard of life of the people who gave them the mandate.

In recent times, the political climate in Bauchi State has reached a stage where observers have stood wandering, what is happening to the state  Bauchi Province has been a political spring board of the entity refers to as Nigeria today. There is no gaining the fact that Bauchi State or to say the least, Bauchi Province produced politicians such as the first and only prime minster of the nation,Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, late Sa’adu  Kura, Makaman Misau, late Senator Uba Ahmed, late Baba Zagi Dass, late Alhaji Abubakar Tatari Ali and late Baba Gonto. These are politicians who  have made their marks on the political landscape of this country.

It is unfortunate that today, Bauchi State is finding itself in an unnecessary political quagmire. Politicians are today coming out to wash their dirty linens in the public.  This is unfortunate as politicians,from other parts of the country, before no,   come to the state to resolve their political issues amicably.

One fondly remembered Ajiyan Bauchi, late Alhaji, Adamu Tafawa Balewa, popularly known as “Kan-Wuka” who resolved issues like a father among his pears.

Also to mention must be made of eloquent politicians from that area like late Baba Gonto of blessed memory who resolved issues and ensure that party make friends and also ensure that the political party in question win election which is the essence of politicians coming together.

Politics is far away from wearing “Babban Riga” and appearing the hallow chambers in the national assembly but to show maturity in there dispensation and carriage, the political players today in Bauchi state should tow the line of our political fore fathers that have made Bauchi province Bauchi state what it is today, it is time that they come together burry their sword and hatchets and embrace one another and work together as a family.

Like late Mr. Zagi Dass, the gubernatorial candidate of the defunct Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN) in 1979, once said “For me I do not have any monopoly of wisdom but when must leaders are crossing i am  always at my post working hard for my people but only the deep can call to the deep.” Therefore, the political players of Bauchi State should remember that leadership demands; a highly developed sense of integrity, purpose forthrightness direction and visionary energy from the leader. This is  simply because a society built around these ideals would stand tall in the centre state of National affairs.

Going through the radio or appearing on television sets to say this and that, fault here, fault there,  is not what will move Bauchi State or the entity earlier referred to Bauchi Province, forward. Political commentators ho have been watching events unfolding in the state are not happy because Bauchi State,  being the political melting point of Nigeria then, is losing its steam and in fact, it is  making Bauchi and its politicians a laughing stock. Everyone should rather to come to the round table to sought out issues to discuss issues amicably and arrive at solutions which is the best and civil way of being good politicians. I appeal to the Speaker, the governor, the senators, members of the House of Representatives, representing our constituencies and political stakeholders of Bauchi State, to urgently convene a summit and discusses issues as one big family.

The governor being an elected representative of the people, must see himself as a father, a father to all where there is no APC, no PDP but an amalgamation of political interests in Bauchi State. In conclusion, the interest of this writer is not to attack any section or person(s), but to call on my brothers and elders, to try and put things right.


 — Dass wrote in from Dass, Bauchi State

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