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I was taken aback after reading an article written by a certain Nasiri Garba Toro, published on page 36 in Weekly Trust of Saturday, September 24, 2016. I would not have responded but I feel obliged to do so, because I am a native of Bauchi State and Bauchi North, particularly. It is certain that criticism is legitimate in democracy. However, having stayed in Bauchi State and followed the political activities of Senator Suleiman Nazif since 1992 and, particularly, from 1999 and having observed the activities of Mohammed AbdullahI Abubakar, who came out of the blues to be the Bauchi State governor,  I am no doubt, in a better position to analyse the political scenario of the state.

It is unfortunate that political criticism is offensive to Governor Abubakar. First, he instructed that one Comrade Abdullahi Mohammed fondly called Orlando, be expelled from the party for simply taking him to court. Yet, our dear governor is a lawyer. This, to say the least, was done in bad light before many witnesses in the Bauchi State Government House.

Again, he ordered the expulsion of one Hon. Harsanu Gwuyaba, for blowing the whistle that the governor was planning to make his wife,Hajiya Hadiza Katsina, Commissioner for Finance, saying she is the “best accountant”  in the state. He still went ahead  and appointed a lawyer who worked in his chambers, Nasuredeen Mohammed as the Commissioner for Finance and Economic Development .

This is the same governor who forced one of his sons, Abdullahi Mohammed Abubakar, also known  as Boy, to retire from the CBN to be a contractor in the state. The same governor, before the elections, assured traditional rulers of the state that he would not remove them from their positions, but, no one needs to be told that he has not kept his promise. This is a governor who does not consult anyone for anything that will make the state better, because he believes he has won a political battle.He should,however, be reminded that Bauchi APC is not  Rivers State INEC where he allocated just 8 votes to President Mohammadu Buhari in 2011. He should also be told that the new INEC still has card readers for the 2019 gubernatorial elections. He should be told that if Senator Nazif is not a performer, he would not have won elections into the National Assembly three times.

This is the same governor who stopped the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt Hon Yakubu Dogara,  from using the state hospital for surgeries to be conducted on patients in his own constituency.

Seeing as he is so fond of disrespecting members of the National Assembly from the state, he should be reminded that there are more than a dozen two term governors in the Senate. I am challenging him to test his popularity and contest for the senate, after his tenure. Furthermore, Senator Nazif has moved several bills and motions and has contributed immensely to debates on the floor of the Senate.

As to the question ‘What Does Senator Nazif Want?’, the writer must know that Senator Nazif is so eager to deliver dividends of democracy to the people and, by extension, wants the governor to be more focused, in order to deliver better services to the people.Also, he should endeavour to pay workers their salaries when they are due.

Finally, Senator Nazif has the impetus, moral and local standing to criticise anyone who is not playing by the rules on a pitch where he is a stake-holder. Governor Abubakar should humbly meet his predecessors for history lessons on the behaviours of the Bauchi electorate.


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