Cabinet Reshuffle Inevitable

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That President Muhammadu Buhari’s cabinet is not inspiring confidence at the moment is no longer news. Desperate times call for desperate measures. The cabinet, as presently constituted, cannot take us out-of recession to El Dorado.
As a matter of national emergency, the president should reshuffle his cabinet as soon as possible. Loyal servants have been rewarded enough, it’s no longer job for the jobs, time is no longer on our side as we need to get out of this recession as quickly as possible.
Some ministers have been ghost ministers for the past one year, collecting salaries and allowance with no corresponding output. The jury is out, most of the ministers have failed with flying colours. There is an urgent need for an earth shaking cabinet reshuffle. While some should be taken to another ministry, others should dust their CVs and start job hunting as we no longer need their services.
Let’s tell ourselves the truth, the change agenda is not working and no matter how far we have gone on this bad road, we can still retrace our steps. I think Dr Ibe Kachikwu should be made the substantive Minister of Petroleum and we don’t need a Minister of State, the president should hands off completely from the petroleum ministry.
I don’t want to mention names but ministers in these ministries should find another job or be redeployed – Sports, FCT, Budget, Communications, Science and Technology, Labour and Productivity, Agriculture, Education, Trade and Solid Minerals. Power should be a stand-alone ministry.


By Jonathan Nda- Isaiah

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