Still On Dogara, Abubakar And The Bauchi Battleground

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Series of what seems to be sponsored writings have, for months now, been trying to vindicate or paint the Bauchi State government under the leadership of Governor Muhammad Abdullahi Abubakar white; in a political war bedeviling between the state’s federal lawmakers/other APC stalwarts in one hand and the state Governor in the other hand, instead of calling the attention of the state’s governor to pay workers’ salaries, pension allowances and annual leave grants- what has led to legislatures war against the state governor.

The recent was one published on Friday, October 7, 2016, p43 by Dr. Johnson Nwanuforo, who descended on the right honourable speaker, Yakubu Dogara and other Bauchi state’s federal law makers alone; ignoring to mention others who are not federal law makers and were in the delegation. Perhaps it might be for his hidden agenda to smear campaign against Dogara- the target of his piece and the number one threats to the politics of his boss, the governor, in Bauchi state.

Unfortunately after writing his long essay of manufactured facts, trying to vindicate his master, he couldn’t tell us if his master has paid all the workers’ salaries in the state- what was the initial cause of the battle. I could remember that during their visits, the Dogara delegation, Senator Ali Wakili, a Senator representing Bauchi South senatorial district was reported to have said, ‘You know it (Bauchi) is an agrarian and civil service state and we must do everything to see that workers are paid as at and when due’, and if this is the case, I don’t know the reason why the governor can’t completely pay workers’ salaries in the state after collecting bailout funds granted for the same purpose. It is very paining the almost all the social wellbeing of workers in Bauchi State is worsening- what leads to the meltdown of economic/commercial activities in the state.

He pinpointed that there had never been protest from workers in the state as regard to non-payment of their salaries. Unknown to him, sometimes in May, two female teachers and some pensioners in the state were reported died while undergoing the five months long verification exercises and another teacher in the state who was interviewed by BBC Hausa service station said as a result of his five months unpaid salaries he turned to be a tree/fire wood cutter.

The writer was making jokes by asking the Bauchi state’s federal lawmakers to, instead of taking their complain to APC’s national headquarter and the presidency, send a petition against the governor to Bauchi state’s house of assembly- which, going by the nature of our politics; in which case all or most of the members of state house are controlled by governor, cannot be possible.

Therefore, the political battle between the two parties has nothing to do with House of Assembly’s budget padding as the writer opined, for the war had started long before the budget padding which happened in June 2016. It started since last year when the governor was given the bailout funds and he mismanaged them without settling the workers’ salary- for which cause the funds were given, in the state.

Nevertheless, series of articles published in our national dailies, mostly Daily Trust and Leadership, blackmailing Dogara are indication showing that the governor and his co. undermine the position of Dogara; the speaker and the one of the leading political office holders in the nation or having the fear of his good political career- which can take him to be the next governor of the state or playing an important role in the politics of the state, both of which must be aspired by the person in question- the governor. Dogara is not only popular in his constituency & Bauchi state but has also been elected three times as reps. These, and many other things, might be the reasons why the Governor and his co. see Dogara as there severest political rival- whose position is threatening the state’s Governor.

In addition to discharging his legislative duty as Speaker, specifically assisting president Buhari in achieving his change mantra, Dogara is popularly known at initiating community projects in his constituency of Tafawa Balewa/Bogoro/Dass in particular and Bauchi state in general.

To be fair to Dagara, if truth must be told, the sin he only makes according to Governor and his group was leading the delegation to Presidency and APC national headquarters. The funny thing is that many including the Honourable Minister of Education, Mallam Adamu Adamu, most of State’s federal law makers, Honourable Tugga, Former Minister of Police Affairs, Dr. Yakubu Lame and other APC stalwarts in the state were in the delegation and they spoke for the people of Bauchi state not for themselves, why is Dogara only being attacked? And if what they did was just making lies against the Governor, why has the Governor not yet settled the workers’ salaries in the state?





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