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Nyako And His Blind Strive For Power

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When I cleared my schedules a few days earlier to be a spectator for the court proceedings of the much-talked about Nyako/Bindow’s court case on Thursday.  I wasn’t aware I was about to withness the most selfish legal drama of my short career as a lawyer, andfrom a man who claims he loves Adamawa state so much.

I have heard so much about the ongoing legal battle between Nyako and Bindow, and even though I had no previous details of what the case is all about, my curiosity got me to court early Thursday morning expecting a final verdict. I also had the priviledge of studying the case before the commencement of proceedings.

After an early study of the case and hearing all the Lawyers and the Judge speak in the courtroom, I can’t help but wonder if Admiral Murtala Nyako truly understand that “It is the Almighty Allah that gives power and take it when He wishes’. The man is simply a baseless powermonger.

I want to categorically state here that I have no sympathy for any political party or politician, as far as I am concerned, all politicians are the same – whether from PDP,  APC,  APGA or whatever party,  they are all the same – they will promise to build bridge even where there is no river. And this is a lawyer talking.

So this is not another article condemning Nyako for Bindow. Even though, I must admit Governor Bindow has done marvelously well for Adamawa state in a little over 17 months but this piece is not about his administrative and political glory. It’s an objective analysis of the famous legal battle between these two giant power blocs from a legal perspective.

Seeing Admiral Nyako seated quitely in the courtroom was the second time I have met the man in real. The first being his swearing-in ceremony at the Mahmud Ribadu Square, Yola in February 2012. It is worthy of note that as accessible as he is, I have never met Governor Bindow in real.

I stole several deep and cursory look at Nyako while we were seated in the courtroom, for a moment I truly wished I could read his mind or see what is in his head – but one thing is evident from his facial expression, the man is confused,  misled and he very well knew that this court case is a lost course.

It was hilarious that Nyako’s lawyer is still asking for his client to be reinstated as the governor of the state to the amusement of every legal head in the courtroom. Apparently everybody knew reinstatement is not going to happen,  except of course Nyako and his lawyer. A much smarter lawyer will have asked for full entitlements for his client, but not this lawyer, he wants the impossible.

The proceedings got more interesting when Nyako’s lawyer appeared confused after the Judge asked him why he wants a duly elected governor out of office for just no course? A smarter lawyer would have taken that second invitation to ask for full entitlements of a governor for his client. No, not this lawyer and that particularly made my question this man’s legal credentials – maybe its just pure deceit. The man is just trying to justify his paycheck.

It is so sad that blinded by his strive to get power back at all cost, Admiral Nyako has allowed himself to be misled by his legal team even when its clear that this case is a slam dunk for Governor Bindow.

It was with shameful strides that Nyako left the courtroom before the end of proceedings to the bewilderment of the pressmen present as the case was adjourned to December 16.

The most honourable thing for Nyako to do in the political front now is get back to his root, try and find the little political structures he has in place and strategise for a bigger political aim because if getting back as governor is what the Admiral is hoping to get in this, then I am sorry he is not as smart as I thought.

In the legal front, Nyako should save some dignity and stop this clownish legal fight,   and just ask the court to pay him all his governorship entitlements and a compensation for his impeachment trouble. Only when he does that we will all believe Baba mai mangwaro wants what is best for Adamawa and it’s people.

Because any person that meant well for Adamawa will not solicit for removal of Governor Bindow from office. Besides, what did he do wrong? He ran for office, contested and won through a free, fair and credible election. Not mentioning the fact that he is the closest thing to good governance we have seen in Adamawa state for 25 years.

The people of Adamawa are so lucky to have someone like Senator Muhammadu Jibrilla Bindow as governor, an adminsitrator that is solely focused on delivering all the dividends of democracy to the state. If it were someone with less of Adamawa in him, this annoying court case by Nyako will have been a good excuse not to work.

Bindow would have just folded his arms and play the blame game with the court case like some of his colleagues are doing in other States, but he choosed to redefine good governance in Adamawa through progressive projects and infrastructural development. For this the people of Adamawa will forever be grateful.

I remember someone in Nyako’s camp once told me that Admiral will not back down, it is not in his egoistic nature to give in to the greater good of the public. He will rather fight on and when the court case is lost, the political fight against Governor Bindow will continue in the dark allies of the state. If this is true then it’s truly a pity for this political elite.

As a wise elder stateman, this is time for Admiral Nyako to get his political calculations right, it’s a make or mar political junction for him now, he can choose to the right thing by doing what’s right in court or continue his blind strive for power. The clock ticks.

Borodo wrote in from Yola and can be reached on

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