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Irrational Open Letter To Governor Wamakko

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Once again the thugs are on rampage to create chaos in Sokoto State especially now that we are positioning for alternative government that shall truly address the problems of the masses.  APC is the party of the masses that has the focus of good governance as ultimate goal.  It is a party on rescue mission in the face of insensitivity in governance the country is passing through at this moment.  Unfortunately, some disgruntled elements bent on exhibition of power for selfish purposes are at present warming up for a spoil solely on uncalled for vendetta.

The Open Letter on page 12, Leadership of 31 December 2013 by one Muhammad Akibu Dalhatu, on behalf of Concerned Members of APC as he called it, though lacked substance in content cannot be ignored lest the unsuspecting public may misconstrue some facts.  The letter exposed the writer as irresponsible citizen of Sokoto State that has no respect for elders and leaders.  The whole exercise rubbishes his acclaimed academic stint in a university.  He descended so low in the style of street urchins to abuse a seating governor of his state. Serious minded persons that read that piece would glean the immaturity of language and disjointed thought that ran throughout. It is pathetic indeed.

The attack on the person of Governor Wamakko is one of those lies emanating from their camp all the while.  In spite of efforts to make them reason and face the realities this camp continues to malign the person of Sarkin Yamman Sokoto.  This is a person after Masters Degree from the United States of America has held many responsible positions in government in Sokoto State.  In the public service he rose up to the position of permanent secretary.  He was once the chairman of old Sokoto local government.  He has been a political activist much of his life.  Those feats were before he became the deputy governor of Sokoto.  His choice as deputy governor by the then APP, later ANPP was to draw the bureaucrats and the educated class to legitimize that government.  Alhaji Attahiru Bafarawa as a businessman did not have the trust or confidence of the elders of Sokoto State, especially the educated class.  That arrangement worked for the party and it won the successive elections.

So it is fallacious to insinuate “it is on record that Bafarawa single handedly picked you up while you were suffering in misery to run along with him so as to make life meaningful to you and also transform your despicable life”.  One wonders the logic of Akibu Dalhatu to write Governor Wamakko in this manner when his anger would have been to those that wrote against him or appropriately address the issues raised. He may be ignorant of the terms on which Governor Wamakko joined APC.  The national headquarters of the APC are aware of enormous powers of governors or chief executives especially a performing governor like Governor Wamakko.  Thus the party conceded inter alia:

“The incoming governors will enjoy some privileges formerly enjoyed by the eleven governors of the founding parties.”  The privileges include being leaders of the party in their states.  Therefore, it is unfortunate that this fact is glossed over by misinformation or outright mischief to ingratiate the whims of perceived masters.  These masters are aware of this arrangement but deliberately choose the path of chaos.  We do not see their actions as committed party men desirous of the success of APC in Sokoto State.

Governor Wamakko remains a formidable force to reckon with in Sokoto State politics.  One wonders if the writer has been in Sokoto State for the past seven years.  It was the popularity of Governor Wamakko that overwhelmingly gave him victory in successive elections in the state.  To date the chorus of “Sarkin Yamma we are behind you” pervades the air of Sokoto political horizon.  It is this popularity that still dazes and confounds those behind the writer. The apprehension is mainly couched on the monumental achievements of his administration. Thus he is a huge political asset not liability as insinuated by the misguided writer.  The writer is one of the desperate persons afraid of the winning team of Governor Wamakko.  Reasonable Sokoto people any where would frown at the grave insult heaped on their amiable Governor by a citizen whose mission is solely selfish.

It is obvious that the writer might not even understand some of the things he wrote. For example how can he interpret his sentence “therefore your purported movement to the All Progressive Congress is only meant to deceive the good people of Sokoto State and to realize your narcissistic ambition”? Alu was sought for because APC headquarters are aware of his enormous political weight in the northwest part of this country.  It is no longer rumour mill but glaring reality that he is in charge of APC in Sokoto State.  He is now mobilizing to deliver the state come next elections.

Development is measured by known indices to theorists and practitioners which the writer could have been a proponent in his supposed field of academic endeavour.  These indices are the level of education, health care delivery services, level of employment among the youth, provision of critical infrastructure such as electricity, potable water supply, good roads, housing, environmental management and other social services. These constitute poverty or wealth index of a people.

It is bizarre that a citizen of Sokoto State feign ignorance of the colossal achievements of Governor Wamakko’s administration in addressing poverty in the state.  The administration has constructed more roads than his predecessor, especially in the rural areas. These rural areas are provided electricity, potable water and grazing reserves for cattle and other livestock.  Apart from construction of hospitals and clinics for human health care delivery services, the administration also constructed veterinary hospitals and clinics across the strategic areas of the state.

At the inception of the administration schools were renovated, new ones constructed, and teaching and learning materials provided.  Students’ feeding allowances have been increased. More tertiary institutions have been constructed including the State University now operational from a permanent base.  Farmers are empowered through provision of fertilizer and other farm implements at subsidized rates. Youths who were before now introduced into irresponsible and destructive lives have been rehabilitated through the skills acquisition programme.  A good number of these youths are currently off the streets to their responsible homes.

Traders in the state were given a revolving loan of N2 billion.  This loan has empowered them to increase the commercial tempo of the state.  The administration has also constructed a modern abattoir, additional shops, meat and fish market as a means to shore up the commercial activities of the state.

The independent power plant (IPP) constructed by the administration is meant to encourage industrialization of the state. The IPP supplements power supply from PHCN to stabilize energy to consumers.

The administration of Governor Wamakko has constructed over 1000 houses in Sokoto metropolis and through his concerted efforts each local government built 40 houses allocated on owner/occupier basis.  Civil servants never had it so good for a very long time.  Governor Wamakko has restored the glory to the service that was utterly neglected. They have car and motorcycle loans as appropriate and other morale boosting job enrichments and motivational dynamics.

The writer must be aware that the Murtala Specialist Hospital abandoned for over 30 years is now completed by Governor Wamakko’s administration.  This is also the case with the Silame Bridge abandoned for over 40 years. It is Governor Wamakko’s administration that introduced mobile clinics through provision of vehicles that are stocked with medicines and manned by competent personnel to reach the remotest villages for provision of health care delivery services.  The administration has paid its counterpart funds to donor agencies in the area of health care delivery services.  In addition, the administration has stepped up environmental management including provision of necessary plants to check desert encroachment in the sahel region of the state.

In appreciation of the achievements of Governor Wamakko the former Head of State, General Abdulsalam Abubakar commended Sokoto State for unusual accelerated development he witnessed in the state when he commissioned some projects executed by the administration late last year. Indeed, Governor Wamakko has addressed major areas of development stimulation.  So it is inappropriate for a citizen of Sokoto to mischievously insinuate poverty slide in Sokoto State.

We add that Governor Wamakko never invited people to mill around his residence.  Indeed, the stock supposed to be inconveniencing to any chief executive.  But as a governor of compassion he tolerates those who out of admiration and appreciation of his person come around his residence.  It should be seen as magnanimity and humility for which Sarkin Yamma is noted for.

We just confine this reaction to the contents of the Open Letter which is opprobrium to any reasonable person.

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