Sufficient Grace And Abundant Peace From Our Redeemer

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Grace of God.

The grace of God brings salvation from sin. And it has appeared to all men. Grace is not quiet, impotent, powerless, it comes into our lives and teaches us to live soberly, righteously and godly in this present world. It makes us strong.

Get the grace of God, you will be strong, powerful and victorious.

As a minister, we need the grace of God as well. It is by the grace we suffer oppositions, persecution and challenges in the ministry. That grace will not leave my life in Jesus Name. I will be like Paul the Apostle, having the grace of God for all things.

It is all by His grace.

But by the grace of God I am what I am.

By the grace I can do what He says I should do. By the grace of God, I will go where He wants me to go. By the grace of God, I am an Overcomer.

That grace will never stop in my life.

To have progress and March forward, there must be peace. Be calm, your Saviour is the Prince of Peace, there is no storm He cannot calm. Peace be unto you, peace in your life, home, family, community and in the church. Nobody will hurt nor destroy you.

Let not your heart be troubled. Peace be unto you. He has good things for me. He is thinking about me, I will be at peace.

At a time like this, when there is no peace on earth, that is when we need peace. We find our peace in Jesus, He is our Peace.

He is talking about the Heavenly Father. He is, He was, and for ever will  be.

Seven Spirits which are before His throne, means the fullness, completeness and totality of the Holy Spirit in His office and ministry. He is as described in Isaiah 11:2

Grace comes from the Heavenly Father, the Spirit of God, and from Jesus Christ, my Lord, Saviour, Redeemer and Master, Forerunner, Heir, Son of the Living God.

Point 2. The Guiltlessness and Priesthood of the Godly

Revelations 1:5b-6

What has the Lord done for us?

  1. Unto Him that loved us – Ephesians 2:4; Galatians 2:20

The love of God will flow into your heart today.

God graciously loves me, always cares for me, and nothing that comes, He will not take away. He will solves every problem, destroy the works of the devil. He loves me beyond my wildest imagination.

  1. Washed us from our sins with His blood – 1 Corinthians 6:9-11; 1 John 1:7; Hebrews 9:12,14

He washes us in His own blood. No detergent can cleanse like the blood of Jesus Christ. He has washed me.

He washed me by His own blood, not the blood of animals. Nothing washes as pure as the blood of Jesus and makes us acceptable before the Almighty God. Now I can serve God having been washed with the blood of Jesus

  1. He has made us kings and priests unto God – Ecclesiastes 8:4

This has happened, don’t go around as a victim, I am a victor. The authority of God is upon my life. I will reign, over problems and they  will come under my feet.

Point 3. The Glory and the Power of our God

Revelations 1:6b; 4:11; Jude 1:25; 1 Corinthians 10:31

My God is Wise. He will not allow what I cannot overcome to come into my life.

Now that the Lord has lifted me up, glory and dominion belong unto Him. Then through my life, the Lord will be glorified, the word will see the glory, confidence and the peace of God through my life.Thereforenothing moves me any more. He gives me peace of heart, authority and dominion in my life. I am part of the kingdom, and I am a Kingdom Citizen, so do all to the glory of God. I will live for the glory of God from today onward.

Jesus is my Saviour

The grace of God, peace of God be with you. Now that you are king, your words will be words of power, nothing will bring you down any more. You will be confident, bold and courageous.

Ponder on this! Nobody ever get saved without the grace of God. Pastor (Dr) W.F Kumuyi.


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