Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere, OPM And Footprints Of Exemplary Ministry

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My last visit to Port Harcourt the Rivers State capital and subsequent decision to worship on Sunday in one of the numerous churches that adorn the oil city took me to the Omega Power Ministries (OPM).  This fledging ministry with a band of dedicated members has been gaining popularity by the day not only in Port Harcourt but outside the state. So when my host an avid believer in Christ and a member of the OPM ministries suggested I come and partake in the groove at the House of God located at Eliozu road, I did not hesitate to pick my Bible and join him.

As a believer in Christ and committed one at that but from an orthordox Christian background, I must say I have never witnessed the magnitude of what I encountered at OPM in  Port Harcourt on that fateful Sunday. I was not only awed by the dedication and the belief of the members in seeking the face of our saviour, the tenacity and effectiveness of the church staff but  by  the efficacious delivery of the word of God by the presiding head  of the church Apostle Dr. Chibuzor Gift Chinyere.

If men of God and preachers of the gospel can be as humble, humane, understanding, passionate and boisterous in preaching the gospel and ensuring that the welfare of members is a matter of priority the way Apostle  Chinyere does, then the gospel will surely go places no matter the nook or cranny or challenges that may come the way.

Our Lord Jesus had in the book of Luke Chapter 16 told of the parable of the rich man and Lazarus. In the parable one certain poor man named Lazarus had been so poor that he had to hustle for food with the rich man’s dog while the rich man with plenty to eat did not bother to assuage his condition. They later met in the world yonder while the rich man was in hell begging for a tip of water, the poor man sat in comfort with father Abraham.  As much as I am not saying poverty should be a virtue, but there will never be a situation where poverty and want will be wiped out. It will always be a phenomenon in the society but what should those who are opportune to have do in such circumstances if not to assuage their condition and give them a sense of belonging.

This is actually what tickled me in the ministry of Apostle Chinyere. He did not do selective giving as others do where members of their family and close friends often benefit from their largesse. Apostle Chinyere is a different breed. He is a friend of the poor and the rich. The welfare programme I witnessed with my journalistic mind was mind bugling. Those who do not have foods to eat were entitled to free meals in his ministry. He has also not  like some other ministries deemed it fit to open expensive schools so as to gain money from the lucrative education business in the country rather he opted to open the kind of school that those who are not privileged can have the opportunity to attend school and get qualitative education like other kids. He was quoted as saying that the school is not for the rich but for the poor and jobless. “If my members are unemployed they can attend the schools but if they gain employment they can withdraw them to schools that suit their new status but at least we have been able to ameliorate their condition at that point in time” he said.

Apart from the education which this highly travelled man of God has gifted his members and the people of Port Harcourt and its environs, he has also touched lives through the miracles he continuously performs in his ministry. He has also done the unimaginable which is to pay for the bride price of members who had cohabited without having fulfilled this important aspect of marriage. He also sponsored the purchase of wedding gowns and suits for the couples not to talk of their best men and chief bridesmaids. My mum who does not fail to watch his TV programme told me on phone how funny it was to see people older than her walk along      the aisle to be officially wedded.

I did not go there having spiritual or other issues but to worship and pray to God but I must confess that I was touched by the barrage of testimonies that flowed that very day. I later joked with my friend that it was probably because I attended service that very day that attracted such testimonies but he was quick to interject that what I witnessed was just a piece of the iceberg “ you never see anything at all and you de talk. It is always like this and even more everyday” he said.

I was particularly touched by the testimony of a woman aged almost sixty who gave birth to a set of twins after over 35 years of marriage. The tear drops from her eyes were so infectious that it drove me that hardly cry over anything to tears. The fact that the couple has been married for over 35 years and that the man remained faithful and believed in God to intervene was so touching and that the lord has chosen the man of God who presides at the OPM ministries to make it possible and for me to witness such miracle motivated me to write this piece. I am aware that the country is replete with so many men of God like our dear Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere at the OPM. I am also aware that there are those who do not understand that aside the preaching of the word and performing miracles, men of God are nor exempted from giving. They fail to understand that they should be the beacon of giving just like our lord Jesus did too. If it is said blessed are those who give than those who receive should our men of God be exempted from such blessings?

As I left Port Harcourt on my way to Abuja my base, I decided there and then that such good gestures of this man of God must be propagated. Apostle Chinyere is doing a good thing in Port Harcourt. As I pray for more blessings for him, I sincerely pray he is emulated by other men of God.


– Messiah wrote this piece from Abuja


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