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I have decided to put together the comments of readers, irrespective of their religion or leaning, from my last three articles as I am wont to do from time to time. Please note that I will not embellish any comment. It will remain as it is. The reader’s discretion is highly recommended as you proceed. The first one is my November 12 2016 piece titled, “THE HOUTHIS’ ATTEMPT ON MAKKAH” Please enjoy:


Sani Tukur Buhari JazakalLahu khairan Ya Sheikh. May Allah Ta’ala increase you and us in wisdom, amin. My interactions with people on Shia indicates to me that a good number of muslims are truly uninformed of Shia in its crudest form. Most people have been taken in by the misinformation of the propaganda machine of this group. We must give Thanks to Allah for scholars like you. If not for the continued intervention of Ahlus-Sunnah on these matters, Shia would have, by now, permeated Nigeria. They Shia have been lamenting that if not for the Sunnis, they would have dominated Nigeria by now. I pray that Allah Ta’ala continue to bless this da’awa, amin. Once again, do keep it up.

Abubakar Abdulfatah All I know is that they are not MUSLIM


Focus on Faith Respected Brother Abubakar Abdulfatah: I have mentioned before that the Shiites are not one homogenous group. There are various sub sects and even entirely different religions going by the name Shi’ah. You cannot call anyone a non-believer until you know what he believes and why he believes it. It is why this task is left to those with the prerequisite knowledge to make such pronouncements.


Salisu Musa thank you Abubakar my bless your family Ameen


Mustapha Babamba Abdullahi it interest you to write about this, when the Saudis have been killing them,and shelling civilians what did u say?


Ibrahim Danladi These are the people some Christians called Muslims, anyway may Allah SWT bless and increase your wisdom. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.


Mustapha Babamba Abdullahi Ibrahim Danladi: those you called non muslims are better behaved and stick to the principle of Islam than u all that called urself Muslim,the highest u can attain in or so called self-piety is to become ISIS, ALQAEDA, or boko haram and be disgracing Islam by killing and slaughtering human beings like ram,is that Islam?


Mustapha Babamba Abdullahi @Siddeeq,what is the gain in spreading falsehood, is this part of the so called sunnah?definitely lies is not part of the sunnah of rasul akram Muhammad (SAWW).


Sani Tukur Buhari @ Mustapha Babamba Abdullahi How are they better behaved? You need to elaborate more on this assertion. The real Islam is built around the Oneness of Allah Ta’ala and not some paganist belief that negates the very foundation of Islam.


Mustapha Babamba Abdullahi mention one of their paganism belief


Mustapha Babamba Abdullahi I have elaborated it above what more is required


Sani Tukur Buhari  Idol worship


Mustapha Babamba Abdullahi which idol worship


Sani Tukur Buhari The very sort discovered in your Zaria Hussainiyyat


Mustapha Babamba Abdullahi to you it is an idol,to us we don’t worship them,how come they become your idol?


Mustapha Babamba Abdullahi please do give definition of idol worship, if you get it right you will understand that it is not idol worship


Sani Tukur Buhari This is not new, and I would rather give you the definition of Idol worship as accentuated by our Creator, Allah Ta’ala. The following will suffice for any muslim:


Surah Az-Zumar, Verse 3: Surely, the religion (i.e. the worship and the obedience) is for Allah only. And those who take Auliya’ (protectors and helpers) besides Him (say): “We worship them only that they may bring us near to Allah.” Verily, Allah will judge between them concerning that wherein they differ. Truly, Allah guides not him who is a liar, and a disbeliever. (Mohsin Khan).


Mustapha Babamba Abdullahi thanks,now the question is do the shiites take protectors and guardian other than Allah?


Ibrahim Balogun Yes, they do. When in danger, they scream Yaa Mahdi, Yaa Hussein. This is documented in videos. They also say Labbayka Yaa Hussein (At your service, O Hussein). Hussein is dead, the Mahdi is not here, Allah is alive and eternal, but it is His creatures you call upon


Mustapha Babamba Abdullahi so calling ya Hussein and ya Mahdi is polytheism to you,do you know about intercession in Islam,do you have a deep understanding of Islam,do the Quran forbids it,bring prooves.


Ibrahim Balogun I should be asking the question, brother. Do you know that calling on dead people to intercede with your Creator is shirk? Do you know that calling on a dead person directly is even worse? What is the difference between your shirk and that of Saint worshippers and the Quraysh of the jaahiliyyah time? You go on Hajj and chant Labbaika Yaa Hussein, how is that a form of intercession and not a complete, ignorance-fueled act of shirk. Please explain it without appeal to my emotion and devoid of insults


Abdulazeez Shittu @ Mustapha, u r a misguided element


Umar Bashir Mohammed Well presented with a very high degree of motivation. May Allah subhanahu WA’ta’ala increase your wealth of wisdom and make it beneficial to the entire mankind amin summa amin. The true identity of the Shiites is always shielded from the background and majority of their followers are hindered from digging the bottom of the ideology in order not to find out the reality of the practice. Alhamdulillah with scholars like you exposing the true meaning of the ideology, I am very optimistic, the deadlock will be broken.


Sani Tukur Buhari This is widespread belief Shia circles. In fact, it is documented aspect of Shia belief.


Mustapha Babamba Abdullahi the shias worship non but Allah,all you hear about them is fallacy


Sani Tukur Buhari You need to do much more than that. Shia scholars of the highest eminence have written books in which Shia is outline in its crudest of forms. I do not think someone in this day and age has the capacity to deny that fact.


Mustapha Babamba Abdullahi where they told you they worship thing other than Allah?


Mahmud Awaisu Abubakar Jazakallah Abubkr Violence violates the fundamental moral prohibition against harming persons, yet governments must sometimes use violent means to defend that same fundamental principle. But Saudi government must be carefull in killing innocent Souls. May Allah continue guide Us amin


Engr Idris Ali Jazaakallah Khairan, my President


Musa Muhammad the severe punishment the Shiite going through in Yemen & Nigeria is long overdue for a thousands year they are committing atrocities with impunity ranging from insulting sahaba, undermining Muslims government, hypocrisy & spreading fitnah among ummah, what is happening to them is child’s play compare what Allah stores for them in yaumil qiyamat if they don’t repent


Mustapha Babamba Abdullahi @ musa Muhammad, hmmm,you are truly a salafist,your hatred for ahlulbayt and their follower’s, knows no end,where is the sunnah that ask you to kill anybody that insult your so called sahabas,give us a single verse and ahadith where it is stated? let me tell you one thing you need to put into your crispy brain,the Shiites are tolerant and will never persecute Sunnis where they are the majority like iran,Iraq,Lebanon, Yemen,Bahrain,that is a true sign of belief in Islam,their weapon is hujja,I guess you so called salafist lack hujja and your only response is violence.


Musa Muhammad they are so called sahaba! you have your qur’an & hadith ?is good you portrayed your hatred whom you are concealing under the guise of “ taqiyya” I had been watching your Hausa satellite tv channel “ wilayah” you are so deceptive, crafty,blantant lies & outright devilish, your priest always dwelled on sensitive issues, like “ ahlu bayt, imam Hussein, Fatima,yazid& mua’wiyya in order to stir emotions for your gullibles followers, foolishly you forget that sayyidana abubakar & umar, usman, they also in-laws of the prophet, are they not part of ahlu bayt? you always stir fitna underground in surface you pretend that you are peaceful people, sayyadina Ali, yazid, & mua’ wiyya are closest to prophet in terms of piety, because the prophet said the best of ummah are the people in his era, then followed by the subsequent generations, you conspire with the west that lead the fall of Saddam Hussein this gave birth to vicious cycle of violence which now engulf the Arab peninsula, the same you do in Afghanistan ( northern alliance )

Mustapha Babamba Abdullahi Please give me a verse or hadith to support your standin killing ppeople who insult sahabas,no prove abi? Leave the dingo turenchi. You people shout sunna, sunna, yet you don’t follow it, you claim self righteousness, yet no iota of imam, shameless salafist.

Mustapha Babamba Abdullahi ISIS, ALQAEDA,TALIBAN is the highest degree all so called salafist can attain,when you people turn to such animals you killed suck Muslim blood eat their hearts, which fitna in Islam is more than this?

Wazirin Gwandu Nice and interesting piece

Comments on this piece will continue next week insha Allah.

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