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The Beauty Column: Sallah Giveaways Worth N100,000 To Be Won

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Everyone wants fabulously clear skin, lush hair and (for men) beard, to stand out.

Welcome to The Beauty Column by @happydevas founder, Mimi Bakari Marwa.

This first edition we’ll go through a few basic beauty do’s and don’ts.

Also very simple things you can try at home for that extra va-va-voom this Sallah.

So to get to it. Do you know your skin type? Oily, combination, sensitive etc? How do you find this out? Well the easiest way is to err on the side of caution.

If you apply lotion and an hour later you’re still greasy it’s likely you have oily skin, sensitive skin reacts to various things including your environment or certain products, dry skin may have slightly scaly patches especially during harmattan.

As a little guide, most Nigerians have normal/combination skin.

Here are 5 Beauty Good Habits (Do’s):

  1. Remove make up before bedtime (cleanse your face)! That helps to prevent spots
  2. Exfoliate your skin weekly to remove dead skin
  3. Wash and condition your hair regularly, yes you need hair conditioner for soft hair (and beard)
  4. Moisturise your hair and skin with good conditioning products
  5. Use a face toner to balance your skin’s goodness and protect from the sun.

5 Bad Beauty Habits

  1. Not trimming your hair regularly a very little trim (about 5cms max!) every 3-4 months especially to prevent split ends
  2. Not using a good product to moisturise your skin and hair.

3 Combing your hair too much or packing/

plaiting it too tight

  1. Not cleansing your face/makeup and hair regularly
  2. Not drinking enough water (8 glasses are recommended daily)

Tips for DIY (Do-It -Yourself) Beauty at home

Lemon & Honey Mask

Apply lemon and honey to your face, let it sit for up to 10 mins, rinse thoroughly and moisturise as usual.

Pop round this time next week for how to grow your own hair long.

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The Beauty Column with @happydevas founder, Mimi Bakari Marwa

Email: @happydevasng@gmail.com


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