Do You Have A Passion For Beauty? This Week; Hair HOW-Tos

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A couple weeks back I wrote about how to condition and look after your hair. Last edition we spoke on the business of beauty and how (or if) you should get into it, today is really to talk about simple styles (and barbing tips) so you can style your hair yourself especially on a budget!

Most times we prefer someone else to get our hair and barbing done. Other times you’d rather style yourself.

Thanks to social media and YouTube you can try out your hand at various looks yourself.

A simple (and slightly funky) look is a flat twist. Whether you’ve got relaxed or natural hair it’s a quick style for protecting your hair while growing it out or plain old because you like it. Here’s a quick how to on how you get this style.

If you like curly hair you can extend the life of your hair style by unraveling the flat twists for gorgeous curls. They’ll look a lil’ something like this.

Try out a simple bun look!

If you are not so adventurous, here’s a video tutorial for a simple bun. You can alternate the donut used with soft socks/tights to get the look.

When getting your hair barbed you could just sit back and enjoy the experience at the hands of professionals, or you could just DIY and break out the clippers. Here are a few tips:

1. Train your beard to grow in the way and direction you want by brushing in the direction you want your beard to grow for about 10 mins a day.

2. Don’t forget under your nose that’s where people tend to focus when speaking to you

3. Learn to wait, shaving too frequently can irritate your skin, if you’re growing out a beard you’d need to leave the hair alone for longer periods, let the hair grow longer than you want, WAIT then trim back to the look you want

4. Think of your face shape, all beards are not for all men, would a rounder shape suit you better? Or do you need it sharper?

These clips and tutorial HOW-TOs show what how internet access has impacted the beauty business. Clever artisans have used this to their advantage by keeping up with trends, and learning or expanding their skills.

For amateurs it’s a way to look fly on a budget without having to depend on a stylist.

For those interested in beauty it’s a good stepping stone testing out simple techniques to see if this is something you can see yourself doing full-time.

For me it’s a fun way of expression

Next up we get a bit more specific on the business of beauty and it’s career options

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