Koinage Fully Launched!!! Make 100% Of Your Investment In 7 To 14days

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KOINAGE is an open forum for all willing to benefit with the sole aim of promoting, giving and rendering assistance which is known to be GET HELP as used in other platforms. Koinage is not a bank or an investment scheme, as it does not collect your money neither is it an online business or MLM program.

KOINAGE is a community where people help one another. Through this platform, many lives will be touched and reached irrespective of distance and culture.


Our Mission

At KOINAGE we provide the tools and resources to help nonprofit organizations and schools increase fundraising from corporate employee. It’s our mission to help individuals generate the funding that’s necessary to focus on their core missions of education, community enrichment, business, or charitable giving.

Our History

KOINAGE was founded when Rachael Adams, KOINAGE FOUNDER, was working at a major bank and made donations to her university, the local Big Brothers Big Sisters organization, and LLS. . Discussions with multiple nonprofits revealed they all viewed KOINGAE peer to peer as bonus money. KOINGAE was started to help individuals proactively grow their donation.

Our Beliefs

At KOINGAE we believe we can affect and impact thousands and millions of individuals. Through getting them a sponsor and also making them a sponsor after a short period of time to help them grow their donation we can indirectly match other individuals who tend to become sponsors.

TO REGISTER CLICK : www.koinage.net

OR JOIN OUR WHASAPP GROUP Follow https://chat.whatsapp.com/8P6KHfI7iba8TeZGdmQvZq


How does it work technically? You declare the willingness to Give Help (click on “Get Sponsor”), type in the amount you wish to Provide as Help  in your Local Currency  after which your account will be activated and start growing. Help provided will start growing from the moment it was entered online.

Yes, it is possible to earn 100% within 7-14days  here, THIS IS NOT A HYIP!

So, you have decided to participate in KOINAGE community. What to do next is very easy! Just follow the steps below.

Register at the website CLICK: www.koinage.net

to join our whasapp group CLICK : https://chat.whatsapp.com/8P6KHfI7iba8TeZGdmQvZq

Enter your Personal Office.

There will be a  big buttons. “GET SPONSOR” .

If you want to contribute money, click “GET SPONSOR” and specify the amount you want to put into the system. The minimum amount is ₦5000.

You immediately get Growth Profit in your Personal Office and they start to increase by 100% after 7days and it will no longer exceed 100%

Then you’ll get the order in your PO including all bank account details of the person you should transfer money to.

The order also contains contact details of the person so you can get in touch with him or her to make sure that it’s a real person and participant as you.

Always contact your SPONSOR first before making any transfer or cash Deposit as some member in the community make use of mobile numbers that cannot be reached.

In KOINAGE there is no central account where all participants’ money accumulates (and where it can be stolen).

All transfers are carried out between the participants directly. It means that everything is quite clear and transparent

KOINAGE plays the role of the operator that helps to establish the contact between the participants.

Transfer money to the participant. He or she confirms the receipt and your Growth Profit become “confirmed”.

That’s it! Now you can now BECOME SPONSOR after 7-14days, having 100% Return Investment.

After 7-14days, other participant will receive the order and will send you the money (GET SPONSOR). As you did earlier! Don’t forget to confirm the receipt of help as soon as the money is on your bank account (But no earlier! Be careful with frauds!). If you don’t do it the sender’s cannot be confirmed so as to BECOME SPONSOR like you.

You can take a look of PO and the buttons “GET SPONSOR” Now

TO REGISTER VISIT www.koinage.net

TO JOIN US ON WHATSAPP CLICK: https://chat.whatsapp.com/8P6KHfI7iba8TeZGdmQvZq

for More info call Dr Clem +2347058482413

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