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Electoral Violence: Family Declare Edo Youth Leader Missing



A youth leader in Edo state, Godswill Akpene, has been declared missing by members of his family, following political voilence and killings that erupted after the general elections in Edo state.
It would be recalled that the 2015 general elections witnessed massive violence in some parts of the country, especially in Edo where Akpene hails from.
Notable Businessman and chairman of Daar Communication, owners of Africa Independent Television (AIT) and Raypower FM, Chief Raymond Dopkesi were among those whose lives were targeted and were lucky to escape death by a whisker after armed thugs shot at his vehicle in Edo at the height of the campaign.
The violence claimed Akpene  parents, including some members of his families. However, members of his family said he has not been seen for some time
The family member explained that following Akpene’s refusal to partake in snatching of ballot boxes and political assassinations during Nigeria’s 2015 general elections, he became a target for assassination from politicians who felt threatened by his inside knowledge of their activities.
He narrated his ordeal to journalists in an interview saying:
during the time of election, the party leader gave my brother the job of snaching ballot boxes and thumb printing the voters card and adding them  to the boxes and  the killing of top politicians.
“He refused to carry out the assignment and had to quit the job, because any body that  approached the boxes with the fake card and want to snach the boxes have to be  killed. That was during the local government and state government election between.
“Just because he refused to do the job, his boss sent other people to bring him and we knew the consequences and his name was Stanley and his group.  initially, we learnt he escaped but those they took were killed. He escaped from Edo state.
“Unfortunately ,  Our house set ablazed. Some men came and were asking for money, at first I thought they were friends to my  brothers not knowing they were sent by his boss and he was with my two brothers and my wife and two children and my brothers



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