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Punch and Jonathan



Leadership Nigeria News Today

The punch editorial, graphically brings out, the coven of editorial tragedy marked by wanting to be either politically correct or apostles of consumerism, by providing in elegant prose, what the public wants to hear, rather than a sober introspection on the prevailing issues.

Too often, in the media, there is the resort to a display of a primitive sense of intellectualism, in stories and editorials to the consternation of not only the larger public but sober Nigerians who cannot understand how supposedly educated people could be not only brazenly partisan, but could become active forces in the chain of misinformation.

It is an enthronement of intellectual deficit, to categorically condemn discard, denigrate the observations of a former President or anybody for that matter, on pressing national issues but in the Nigerian perverted discourse, no matter the degree of the facts at the disposal of such people or person, it becomes subjected to ineffectual categorization and lack of effective interrogation thereby dispossessing the larger public the opportunity of getting near the truth.

One book does not tell history but provides a trajectory for further and fuller resolution of contending and contentious issues.

Consumerism has so invaded the media space, that the mention of the PDP and its political actors, unleash a demonic liturgy, that are not only self serving but pedestrian.

A book was written, “Against the Run of Play”, albeit a fast track approach to chronicle events leading to regime change. It is not biography, or a post mortem as being bandied from the stable of consumerism, an attitude let lose by the APC on events antecedent to its formation, build up to assuming power and sadly in governance.

It did not focus on burning national issues but Jonathan, ignoring the prevailing realities “against the run of play” by presenting the APC to be above board, and everything about PDP, Jonathan and other actors, as evil and the worst to ever step out politically  in service to the country.

It is indeed a sad commentary, on the political development of the country, that no matter the presentation of information by people perceived to be at the wrong end  of the equation once condemned, no effort is made to interrogate the facts, but rather a recourse to releasing tissues of lies to reinforce an already partisan position, and by so doing deny the larger public the opportunity of knowing  the truth.

President Jonathan has become the butt of salacious media attacks. Was the President subject of the book/the PDP or did the author make it known that he was a larger picture of the book? What was the relationship between the media team headed by Adeniji for Ya’ardua, against that of Jonathan as the then Vice-President Adeniji did not display any respect for not only the then Vice president but as a so called seasoned journalist was an active actor in the disinformation on all that had to do with Ya’radua before during and after his health challenges. Editorial credibility? factual presentation? Objectivity? Subjectivity? Intellectual deceit.

If not for consumerism, why is it that the larger issues unveiled by the book and staring us in our faces,have not been brought to the public domain. Take a look at the paternalistic narrative that concluded that the former president not only refused to publicly declare his assets but did not give a damn on his asset declaration.

It isbobviius that the PDP, Jonathan and other actors could not have given contracts of over 200 million and could not have been harvesters of ghost funds in the air (airport), land, houses without tenants, moving to towers to take flights. Nigerians have to standby for a macabre disclosure of  soon to be found dollars, pounds in international waters regardless of offshore onshore dichotomy, graves, market places, churches, mosque and very soon motor parks.

If not for consumerism what would have informed commentators to have largely ignored other damaging portals of Nigeria’s existence. It is not surprising because that is what the media wants to provide and sustain in reckless disregard for the cardinal principles of journalism which insist that  facts are sacred, comment free. It is indeed a tragedy of monumental proportion that the media continues to hold on to anachronistic “hypodermic needle theory”.

The so called leader of the APC has been so deconstructed that if we were a society that respects truth we wiuld have been able to see through the chicanery of the APC as a bunch of individuals united by their greed, using a platform to achieve relevance in the most lucrative industry, through direct data base looting.

How can Nigerians not condemn the so called leader against the background of the constant commotion enveloping the country when somebody who wanted to be Vice President, did not care about the electorates and the issue of faith, blinded to his own electoral fortress (South West) but decided to ride rough short, ignore under-currents within the polity, but have to be brought down from his Olympia height by the core custodian of his faith.

Why was the author who is the chairman of the editorial board of a national  newspaper,

ex-spokesperson of a former head of state and highly cerebral writer allow himself to be pressured into churning  out this kind of history in such  a hurry? The more you read the book and its slant, the more you realize that the problem of Nigeria is largely propelled by the elite who have refused to be drained of their primordial affiliations, deficit in the interrogation of issues, who are suffering from  pathologically acquired deficiency syndrome and have become too complicit to rise above the level of motor park mentality.

The punch may rant in its editorial about whatever shortcomings of the past administration, but no official of the last regime would have “deported” a journalist on a legitimate tour of duty in the seat of power, as we saw happen recently  to Punch ‘s State House correspondent.






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