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FCT Residents Gets Portable And Adequate Water – Bello



World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed concern about the poor situation of water globally. It is estimated that nearly two billion people are not accessible to portable water world-wide. This situation has become worrisome to the organization.
As a result of this, officials of the organization last had week in Geneva through one of its under secretary, Mr. Joseph Mackize called for a special budgetary allocation for the provision of water at all levels of governmental interaction. This, the officials believe, will possibly help to address the current situation where less than ten percent of government budgets were normally devoted for the provision of water in most countries mostly in Africa. Nigeria is one of the countries mentioned as one of the areas where the issue of water is a major challenge.
However, the situation is quite different in Abuja Nigeria’s capital city where both the quality and quantity of water being provided has been described as very good. The quality of water being provided to FCT residents is portable and tasteless. Information available has stated that residents of the city are accessible to portable water as confirmed recently by international organizations such as the United Nations, and World Health Organization (WHO). The unprepared situation is made possible by the FCT Minister, Mohammed Bello and his Director of the FCT Water board, Alhaji Hudu Bello.
Bello had revealed not too long ago that the FCT minister who is a waterman had since he assumed duties at the FCDA Secretariat prioritized the issue of provision of water to FCT residents. It is estimated that over 45 metric meters of water is being provided to Abuja residents daily by the water board through the Lower Usman Dam Tanks 2, 3, 4 and 5.
This effort is being complimented by the actions of the Federal government which is working with a Chinese company to provide more water. Alhaji Bello confirmed that not too long ago, the Federal Executive Council, took a far reaching decision on this issue when it awarded a big contract for the provision of portable water to all parts of the city.
Provision of clean water is one of the major challenges that have received priority attention of the FCT administration in the last one and half years. Both the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory FCT Malam Mohammed Musa Bello and the Director of FCT Water board Malam Hudu Bello are putting a lot of efforts to satisfy FCT resident’s demands for clean water. Malam Mohammed, recently announced a road map for the provision of clean water to FCT residents. Of significance is his statement that the issue at hand has already been given top priority attention by his administration. Mohammed’s position is understandable. We all know the importance of water to everybody. Apart from air, water is, no doubt the next most important thing needed for survival.
The minister’s statement is a sweet note to the entire FCT residents especially those who have serious challenges in securing pure and clean water for both domestic and other uses in their private houses and places of work across the territory. Mohammed Bello, is not the only top government functionary in Abuja that is very concerned about how the issue of clean water is being tackled in the FCT.
No. The current director of the FCT Water board, Malam Hudu Bello, has been doing everything humanly possible to ensure that adequate clean water  is provided to everybody in Abuja. Despite the lean times we are now facing since November, 2015, when the new minister assumed office at the FCDA Area 11, Secretariat, both himself and Alhaji Hudu had performed their utmost best on the issue of providing good drinking water to the admiration of almost everybody. They have continued to try their best on this issue which had been described as a huge success despite some constraints and the poor attitude of some FCT residents to maintenance culture and payments of water rates submitted to them by constituted authorities.
Since he resumed duties, there has been great improvement in the supply of clean water to Abuja through the support given to him by the FCT minister. Among the giant strides made by Hudu, include the commissioning of the Interbasing  Water Transfer Project from Gurara dam to Lower Usuma, covering a distance of 75km, provision of 2 additional water treatment plants each capable of providing 10,000 cubits meters of water per hour. And the completion of a 3 & 4 water projects all located within phases 1 & 2 with a total capacity of 240 million liters of water daily. He is also sourcing for raw water involving 720 million liters of water daily to FCT residents.

– Biu sent this article from Kuje