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MMA2 Records 20m Passengers In 10yrs



Murtala Mohammed Airport terminal two (MMA2) has in the past 10 years recorded 20 million passengers, processed over 400,000 flights and provided 100,000 jobs as Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited (BASL), the concessionaire managing the airport celebrated 10 years of operations.

BASL also remembered the moribund Chanchangi Airlines, the first airline to operate from the new terminal as the Chairman of BASL, Dr Wale Babalakin singled it out specially for reflection. While commending airlines making use of the MMA2 facilities,  Babalakin lamented the death of Chanchangi airline which he said was the first to commence operations at the terminal.

On the controversy rocking the aviation company, Babalakin said, with six judgments in his favour since 2012, government has refused to obey. He said  the agreement signed with the government was  that no other firm or individuals will be allowed to operate airports in Lagos state.

Babalakin said government has failed to obey all the court judgements between BASL and government agencies after exhausting all peaceful avenues to resolve the issue. He said in spite of the unending tussle, that MMA2 .

Babalakin said the Murtala Muhammed Airport II, (MMA 2) airport terminal operated by Bi-Courtney Aviation Service Limited (BASL) has remained the choice of passengers in the whole of Africa but decried the inability of the terminal to commence regional operations as a result of the role played by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority and the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria in ensuring that the terminal does not operate regional.

He added that all the necessary facilities to enhance regional operations have been fixed but these government agencies were not ready to give approval. According to Dr Babalakin, the terminal remained a project of courage as the first successful Public Private Partnership in the country but lamented government’s inability to obey the rule of law.

“We call on the regulatory authorities to honour the Concession Agreement which has been approved by every level of Government including the Presidency and confirmed by all the strata of the courts in Nigeria. This is the only way to reward our pioneering efforts”

According to him, government attitude towards private sector participation has not been encouraging to attract more investors adding that only few individuals that love the country were investing with all the risks involved.

Babalakin welcome the idea of government concession of airports if only it will be given due process to ensure sincerity and honesty in the system.





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