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Political Parties To Makarfi’s PDP: Face Your Fight With Sheriff And Leave Chibok Girls Alone




Coalition of League of Upcoming Political Parties has condemned in strong terms the statement credited to Sen.Ahmed Makarfi’s led faction of the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) over the recent released of 82 Chibok girls.

In a statement issued by the national coordinator of the Coalition,Dr. Musa Ahmadu,said it was even more shocking that the statement came from Makarfi who has been the executive governor and chief security officer of a state for eight years and who  widely acclaimed to have brought relative peace to Kaduna State during his tenure.

The statement warned Makarfi faction of the PDP to leave Chibok girls alone and face his fight with Sen. Ali Modu Sheriff.

According to the statement: “The statement by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) faction led by Senator Ahmed Makarfi, which condemned  the negotiation and the prisoner  swap that resulted in the release of 82 of the girls abducted from a girls secondary school in Chibok, Borno State by Boko Haram terrorists beggars belief”

“The comment of the PDP at a time when the whole world was congratulating the federal government for leading the initiative that saved the lives of 82 innocent young girls, brought joy to their homes and rekindled the hope of the citizenry that it is now blessed with an effective government which can go all lemths to secure the lives of its citizens, comes as the worst case of sour graping especially given the role the same PDP played in frustrating the release of the Chibok girls which further emboldened the terrorist to inflict more harm on the territorial integrity of the country”

“The  statement by a faction of a fractured party can only be excused on the basis that the stress of its prolonged engagement to claim authenticity of the party has  begun to affect the psyche of its leadership and raises the question  whether the statement is not a subtle extension of the cold war between the Makarfi faction  and Ali Modu Sheriff”

“Hiding under the claim of an international best practice, the Makarfi faction  said the negotiations that led to the release of the 82 girls violate international best practices  of not negotiating with terrorists,  but the faction tends to forget that even US which is the lead figure in the fight against terrorism has never closed the path towards negotiation when it’s interest is at stake and has many times  entered into negotiations with terrorists groups and exchanged prisoners with the underlying aim of securing the lives of hostages first before any other thing”

“We wonder where Makarfi ‎ and his cohorts have been all this while when the current administration has recorded success in the fight against the insurgents by clearing the dreaded Sambisa Forest  which became a no go area in the PDP era , secured the release of kidnapped victims, preventing the terrorists  from holding any territory under the federal republic of Nigeria and degrading the terrorists to a stage where they can only attack soft targets”

“We advice Makarfi not to allow his frustration with Modu Sheriff rob him on his integrity and wisdom for he is one of the most respected‎ among the tribe of former governors in Nigeria. Issuing this kinds of statements that panders to kindergarten logic  would definitely harm his head earned reputation” the coalition said.