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French Ex-PM Manuel Valls Wants To Join En Marche




French Socialist former Prime Minister Manuel Valls has said he wants to sign up to President-elect Emmanuel Macron’s party to fight next month’s parliamentary elections.
Mr Valls said the Socialists were dead and “I will be a candidate for the presidential majority”.
Party officials reacted warily, saying he had 24 hours to sign up.
Emmanuel Macron won the presidency on Sunday and his new party has begun picking candidates for the June vote.
The party, which has changed its name from En Marche (On the move) to La République en Marche, intends to have a list of candidates ready for the June vote by Thursday, drawn up from across French politics and civil society. It was only created 13 months ago and has no representatives in the National Assembly.
Mr Valls resigned as prime minister when he stood unsuccessfully in the race to be Socialist presidential candidate and later backed Mr Macron to be president.
However, his approach on Tuesday was not immediately welcomed with open arms.
Macron spokesman Benjamin Griveaux, told French radio that Mr Valls had not yet been registered as a candidate by the party.
“He should have applied like everyone else because the rules are the same for everyone. If you don’t put your name forward you can’t be selected by En Marche. He’s got 24 hours,” he said.
Mr Macron won 66.1% of the vote on Sunday, while far-right opponent Marine Le Pen attracted 33.9% of the vote. A quarter of the population abstained in the election and more than 11% either cast blank votes or spoilt their ballot.
Mr Valls’s assertion that the Socialists were dead prompted anger from party colleagues





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