Member representing Epe Constituency II in the Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon. Segun Olulade has said that those raising issues over President Muhammadu Buhari’s health are doing so because they do not wish him well and scheming for 2019 political.

Olulade in a statement obtained by LEADERSHIP Friday explained that Nigerians need to mind things that are more important to the nation than dissipating too much energy over the health of the President which has been described as “not as bad as being portrayed.”

The lawmaker, who is the Chairman, House Committee on Health Services, noted that while it is normal to get worried over the health of the President, “our attitudes towards the subject goes a long way to define our patriotism to our country.

“Everyone should be genuinely concerned about Buhari’s health and part of our patriotic duties as citizens is to pray more for his recovery and talk less in the negative about our President’s health condition,” the statement read in part.

The lawmaker maintained that in as much as Buhari still fulfils constitutional provisions around functionality of his office, the nation should not panic, adding that “each time the President goes for medical purpose, we have a very competent vice acting in President’s capacity and as a result, we should bother more on economic progress and unity of our country so we can step-up developments.

“Let’s bother more on performance of our Ministers; let’s be concerned more about how many viable bills are passed at the National Assembly in the interest of growth and development.

“The passage of 2017 budget, which is still hanging should bother us more as citizens whose lives are affected positively or negatively by these performances, and not debates over Buhari’s health.

“These days, I am worried about how issues around Mr President’s health have become so topical that discussions around it are given so much energy above other pertinent issue. The constitution is clear, if President Buhari can no longer function, he will quit.

“But Nigerians need to worry more about lose money being discovered at every corner and as well bother about speedy trials of pending celebrated corruption trials that seem not ending even as this administration is half its tenure,” Olulade said.

He pointed out that it is in the interest of the nation to pray for Buhari’s quick recovery, “because he is a Messiah God has sent to sanitise this nation of extreme economic and financial corruptions that have been undermining our growth as a nation.

“Globally, leaders in government travel for medical reason and making huge mountain out of it will only distract the nation from giving prominence to what are actually more critical in our polity,” he added.