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2019: ‘There’s No Vacancy In Taraba Govt House’



Leadership Nigeria News Today

By Andrew ojih, Jalingo
Those eyeing Taraba Government House in 2019, especially from the southern zone, have to forget the idea, as there will be no vacancy.
The state Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chairman, Hon. Victor Bala Kona stated this yesterday.
The chairman also mocked those he called “Abuja-based politicians” whom he said have no serious agenda for their people other than their personal plans.
Kona maintained that both the central and northern zones of the state would not consider any candidate from the sout other than the incumbent governor, Darius Dickson Ishaku, adding that recognising any other candidate other than the governor would distort the power rotation equation of the state.
He said, “forget all the noise and talks. I’m a politician and I’m telling you authoritatively that there is no vacancy in Taraba Government House until 2023. The time hasn’t come yet now so we are a bit circumspect about it. But the truth is that we from the North and Central zone have decided in principle to ensure power remains in the south and that the current governor enjoys all that his predecessors have all enjoyed.
“They did eight years each in the current dispensation of politics. So the case of Southern Taraba can’t be different. I want you to know how the average political activist in our zones think. They are in support of eight years only for the southern zone. We don’t want a situation where a new candidate would come and alter any equation on ground. A fresh candidate may start sayin he would also do eight years in office. That would leave the other zones shortchanged. Because in 2023, we hope power would shift away again from the southern zone.
“A governor may say he doesn’t want second term but th truth is that it is their right and privileges to seek a reelection. change o candidate means you would have a new governor who wants eight years. The other zones can’t afford to take the risk and remain irrelevant.
“We all unanimously voted for Governor Darius Ishaku on the grounds that he would transform our state and he has been doing very well in spite of al that has been bogging him like the two years of litigation.”
Speaking further on the issue, Kona told newsmen that there is no credible opposition in the state. He stressed that since 1999, Taraba state has remained in the fold of the PDP and hasn’t shifted grounds.
He noted that the opposition has always attempted to take the state but always fail saying said, “I hear you mentioning opposition earlier. OK, let me declare to you that there is no strong opposition in Taraba. Who are the opposition?
“Mention them to me now. My point is they are not any opposition. These ar all products of the PDP. So when they need anything, they disappear into other parties.”