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GOTNI Holds Youth Leadership Clinic With Sam Nda-Isaiah



By Pembi Stephen, Abuja
Guardians Of The Nations International (GOTNI), will on Monday, May 22,  at the International Conference Centre, Abuja, alongside Sam Nda-Isaiah, chairman, Leadership Group, publishers of LEADERSHIP Newspaper, organise a leadership clinic for youths. Guardians Of The Nation International, (GOTNI), is a non-profit youth capacity development organisation with a passion to nurture young people under the age of 40 into transformational leaders who will impact positively the various sectors of the society and economy.
The programme, according to founder and president of GOTNI,  Mr Linus Okorie, is one of the brands the organisation created in a bid to close the leadership gap as well as multiply the number of transformational leaders in Nigeria. According to Okorie, “It is our strong belief that the next generation of young Nigerians can be deliberately molded into visionary, impactful and transformational leaders by bringing them into personal contact with extraordinary leaders and visionaries who have helped shape our world today.”
Okorie explained that “The leadership clinic is a ‘shoulder of gaints’ for Nigerian youths so that they can extract necessary knowledge, motivation, inspiration, imagination, insights and strategies from
inspiring and challenging life stories of exceptional achievers with common heritage to help create success road maps and stimulate a unique drive towards excellent achievements in life.”
Designed to provide mentorship opportunities for young Nigerians,  Okorie said the leadership clinic will among other things, expose people to the right role models, equip young Nigerians with practical  leadership principles for life success and inspire them to aspire and  attain eliminating-the-limitation mentality as well as inspire a sense of responsibility and commitment to national transformation in their minds.”
Okorie revealed that GOTNI has been actively involved in championing the cause of leadership development for the youth for over two decades. “The GOTNI has become synonymous with leadership development both on national and international frontiers. We have over the years organised leadership development programmes like Leadership Forum, the Emerging Leaders Conference and the Young Women Leadership Programme.
Others are the Mission to School Project and the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Leadership Programme.
“The impact of our work is huge and this is very evident in the development of participants of our programmes who over the years have become leaders of influence contributing to the development of our world in their own spaces.”
On the sustainability of the programme, Okorie stated that “Due to our reputation and success stories over the years, many individuals and corporate organisations who believe in this cause have lubricated the wheels of the programme through various sponsorships to ensure the  sustainability of the leadership clinic. “We have also developed  strategic media partnership which ensures that we have our programmes consistently broadcast and our seminars covered for wide viewership.”
Okorio added that expected outcome of the monthly event are a “great improvement of the leadership capacities of the participants; participants would have learnt leadership skills that helped the mentor to succeed and apply same to their life endeavours. Personal and professional effectiveness of participants would have improved,  participants will become inspired with a burning desire and passionate commitment to making a difference in their spheres of influence, among other things.”



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