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My Grand Mother Was Everything I needed, The Secret Of My Survival, Success – Nana




Nana Asmau Gwadabe, is a successful Kano-based food processor and packager. She is a mass communication graduate and an alumna of Bayero University, Kano. Before she wound up an entrepreneur, she tried her hands in paid employment as a journalist. Having taken her destiny in her own hands, and made a success of it, she is happy and has no regrets

By Abubakar Salihi
Your Background
My name is Nana Asmau Gwadabe, a food processor and packager. I was born in 1978 at Yarmai-Shinkafi Ward of Gwale local government in Kano City. I attended St Louis Primary School from 1983-1989, and St Louis Secondary School from 1990-1995. I proceeded to College of Arts Science and Remedial Studies, Kano 1995-1996, and Bayero University Kano from 1997-2001. I graduated with B.A Mass Communication (Combined). I was born into the family of the late Gwadabe Maitasa and Hajia Asmau Muhammad from my father’s side and the late Alhaji Madaha and Hajia Bara Alhassan Dantata from my mother’s side. I lost my mom when I was 13-years-old and was under the care of my late grand mom, the late Hajia Bara Dantata. We were six that our mom left behind and all under the care of our wonderful grand mom. She did all a father and mother should do, in training, upbringing, love and care. We never lacked anything as children. We were comfortable with her. She escorted us to school anytime she wished up to our university. I had a wonderful life any child can wish to have. I am happily blessed with three children and I am enjoying my food processing and packaging business.

How Did It All Start?
I’m into food processing and packaging. We do package foods such as Garin Danwake, Yaji, Kuka, Daddawa, Kubewa, groundnut cookies (kuli-kuli) etc; and all are ingredients Hausa people use in their cooking.

Your Edge
It is not an easy task. My success is the reward of being focused and patience. They are the track I follow to achieving success.

Any Regret So Far?
I don’t have any. No success without challenge and hurts.

The Secret of Your Success
As I said earlier, patience, hard work and focus. I am grateful with the achievements I am making so far in life. I have worked with so many personalities such as former governors of Jigawa Alhaji Sule Lamido and that of Kano Engr Rabiu Kwankwaso. Presently working with the governor of Adamawa State, Senator Mohammad Umaru Jibrilla Bindow.

Your Dreads
I just want to continue with the tolerance and never be discouraged.

Your Hobbies
Praying, conducting research and documenting things.

Your Mentors
I regard three personalities as my mentors: My late mom whom I learnt patience from. Professor Gaji Dantata, whom I learnt hard work from. My leader, Governor Bindow of Adamawa from whom I learn there is reward for humility and simplicity.

Your Memorable Moments
When I see appreciation in people I never expect appreciation from.

Your Embarrassing moments, if any
When I receive criticism over what I don’t know. All I will be thinking of is how to come out of it. The lessons to learn from it.

Your Advice
Whatever you do in life do it for the sake of Allah and Allah alone. You shall witness the reward in reality. Alhamdulillah so far so good.