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Quail Eggs, Capable Of Tackling Many Health Issues Says Expert



Leadership Nigeria News Today



The Secretary General, Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association, FCT Chapter, Dr Jesse Gwandi has urged Nigerians to make good of the opportunities offered through continuous consumption of quail eggs.

Speaking with LEADERSHIP in an interview, Gwandi said, the quail eggs has a lot of health benefits if consumed considerably.

He said apart from the fact that the egg helps to reduce high blood pressure and diabetes, it also helps to tackle Alopecia; a condition in which one’s hair follicle is being mistakenly attacked by the immune system. This condition leads to fall out of body hair, either from the head or any part of the body.

“ It also addresses the problem of cholesterol storage in the body as it doesn’t not have much of it unlike the normal chicken eggs,” he added.

The Veterinary Doctor however said it was unfortunate that some mischievous people had tried to put down the capabilities of the egg by peddling huge lies, which had equally scared others away from consuming it.

He said, “Some of the people said, it causes Cancer, most causes of cancer has been researched by scientists, but to just wake up one day and say quail eggs causes cancer without any scientific backing or proof is a misstatement.”

Meanwhile a Registered Dietician at the National Hospital, Chioma Mmiriukwu has said that the quail eggs are though not considered exotic, they are packed with vitamins and minerals.

“Apart from being a good protein source, they are rich in iron, vitamin D, B12; and B6. They also contain calcium and unsaturated fatty acids.” She said.

Mmiriukwu who noted that the fact that the egg contains a good deal of nutrients shows that it has medicinal benefits.

The Dietitian maintained, “Any nutrient rich food can offer medicinal or nutritional solutions to disease. For example, including quail eggs in the diet can provide solution to iron deficiency as it is rich in iron.”

She however advised that the eggs should be consumed more because of its nutritional values than a curative value due to lack of scientific backings on how medicinal it is.