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Senate To Investigate AEDC, Others Over Estimated Billing System



By Ahuraka Isah and Solomon Ayado, Abuja
Electricity Distribution Companies across Nigeria will be put under spotlight by the Senate to determine the ills associated with estimated billings of electricity consumers who are being exploited by the companies.
To set off the process, a motion will be moved on the floor of the Senate today (Wednesday) by Senator Dino Melaye following the acceptance of his desire to do so by the senate at plenary yesterday (Tuesday).
Specifically, the probe will commence with the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) which has assumed a worrisome notoriety in the act of engaging in Estimate Billling of customers rather than provide them with Pre-paid meters as instructed by National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC).
Senator Dino Melaye had yesterday raised a Point of Order to draw the attention of the Senate to what he called daylight robbery of consumers by the AEDC overtime.
Melaye in moving the motion told the parliament that he’s the latest victim of the dastardly act of the AEDC.
In narrating his personal experience, Dino Melaye said AEDC officials sometime ago, removed his prepaid meter to a new one which they also came to remove three weeks after that.
He alleged that the company then placed his house on estimated billing system through which he’s been exploited.
His personal experience in the hands of the AEDC, he said, got him wondering on how ordinary struggling Nigerians who can barely feed well are being exploited again by the companies.
“If me that is a privileged Nigerian is undergoing this pain and agonising over the astronomical fees, what do we say about the man in Aguileri or the young palm wine tapper in Otuoke.