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Niger Govt To Probe Strange Zuma Rock Fire



By Abu Nmodu, Minna

Following the strange  fire that gutted Zuma rock last week, the Niger State government has  instituted investigation  into the circumstances leading to the fire outbreak on the rock with the view to establish a concrete cause of the fire.

The commissioner of Information Culture and Tourism, Mr. Jonathan Vatsa in a statement, yesterday, noted that  since the incident was reported ,the ministry had made attempt to get preliminary report on the strange incident.

He stated that while the government was not ruling out the natural cause like volcanic activities, attrition or friction of body of stones on the rock and other established scientific causes, oral Traditional narrations indicated that such   occurrence  has traditional sign for the people..

The commissioner stated that government would not subject the importance of the rock to the Tourism development of the state to only traditional narrations and will  conduct a very comprehensive scientific inquiry into the incident and come up with the best way to tackle it.

Vatsa stated that   “The government wants to know if the incident has adverse effect on the health of the people and the implication for the Tourism development of the area as well as further scientific discovery that could contribute immensely to the body of knowledge”

“Since the incident occurred we have made contact with the people of the area and also specialists in geomorphology and we are ready to make further findings into the strange fire on the Zuma rock to clear all doubt,” he added.

Vatsa, however, advised the people to avoid unnecessary speculation or engage in any activities around the area that may be inimical to the the action of the government to come out with comprehensive findings.