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Corrupt Elite Not Supporting Fight Against Corruption – PACAC




Adebayo Waheed, Ibadan

A member of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption (PACAC), Professor Femi Odekunle yesterday lamented that many elite which cut across different strata and sectors including political parties are not supporting the war against corruption.

He disclosed that some people across the party line and other sectors that have benefitted or still benefitting from the proceeds of corruption are not with the President , saying many more professionals and elites are with him on the mission.

Speaking at a two-day capacity building on “Drafting Charges for State Prosecutors” organised by PACAC in collaboration with the National Prosecution Coordinating Committee and Body of Attorneys-General, he however assured that more professionals and elites were showing more willingness by the day to support the course against corruption.

He emphasised that the country cannot make any progress without fighting corruption to a halt.

“Government is committed to changing the ways we fight corruption and that is why this workshop is being organised for state prosecutors. EFCC, ICPC, CCB and other are doing their job in the fight but PACAC as a think tank saw the need to also build the capacity of the prosecutors and equip them so as to win more,” he said.

According to him, contrary to insinuations that President Muhammadu Buhari-led federal government is alone in the war against corruption in the country, he said some other relevant stakeholders are always with the president on the mission

Odekunle while trying to find a basis for the insinuation, said that those sharing such views might not be unrelated to the uncompromising stance of the President on corruption which may not be at par with many elites who used to benefit from the proceeds of corruption.

He however harped on the need for the fight to be forced down the line, not with military approach but through needed legal and practical backing.

He stressed that the workshop for state prosecutors would definitely help prepare and equip prosecutors better in convicting corrupt people and recover proceeds of corruption.

“It is fake that President Muhammadu Buhari is alone in the fight against corruption. The Vice President, the EFCC, ICPC, CCB, PACAC and many others are all in the fight along with the President. But I know people can say that because of the uncompromising stance, characteristics and body language of the President on the issue of corruption.

“I am sure it is only a leader like Buhari who can take such stand on corruption. Yet the country cannot make any progress without fighting corruption to a halt.

Oyo state Attorney-General and Commissioner of Justice, Seun Abimbola agreed that the whistleblowing policy of the government will no doubt restore Nigerians sense of value and make them collaborators in the fight against corruption.

Abimbola expressed worry that the culture, which most Nigerians grew up with does not shield evil deeds in the society has been eroded over the years said whistleblowing can however restore same in the interest of the overall