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Gombe 2019: Waiting For Bamusa



Leadership Nigeria News Today

By   Dahiru Zahara deen Jameel
Half way into the second term administration of PDP’s governor Dankwambo of Gombe state, residents are already clamouring for 2019 election because it will afford them the opportunity to elect a more competent leader who will steer the ship of leadership and governance in the state.
Created in 1996 by the late general SaniAbacha, Gombe state, like most of its peers is desirous of growth and development and, to achieve this in a quantum that will meet the yearnings of its industrious citizens, there is the need for sound leadership.
Successive regimes no doubt have done what could mildly be described as their very best, as far as turning the fortunes of the state for the better, is concerned.
However, events in the succeeding years, especially the last couple of years under the present state administration, lives much to be desired hence the burning desire for a radical change of leadership which will take the state and its people to the proverbial promised land.
Indeed, one name which has continued to receive wide mention whenever discussions about future of the state are being held is Alhaji FarukBamusa, a versatile politician, an astute mobiliser, a tested comrade and ardent lover of the masses.
Of course, in Gombe state, there is what can best be described as a waiting for Faruk, a man who many especially the masses, believed, has all it takes to provide the much needed leadership in tandem with the overall desire of moving the state forward in quantum leap.
As permutations for the much awaited 2019 polls take shape, already, scores of the Gombe state residents appears to be angling for Bamusa, a man whose philanthropic gestures has continued to earn him admiration among the good people of the state.
Bamusa whose name is synonymous with philanthropy across the length and breadth of Gombe state  stands tall as he has continued to extend his had earned resources to the common man with a view to boosting their welfare.
In Bamusa, Gombe state indigenes sees a man who despite not being a public office holder, despite not holding any government office, has continued to disburse his resources, extend his tentacles of good will and increasingly, fraternize with the masses in a manner that made him second to none as far as displaying genuine love for the masses in the state is concerned.
Good enough, Bamusa is somebody who has shown high degree of care and concern for the masses even while not holding any public office and not having access to public resources. So can anyone imagined how he will prioritize welfare of the masses if given the opportunity to lead?
There is a consensus of opinion, especially among the youths who incidentally form the bulk of the state’s voting population that from his antecedence as a brilliant youthful elder, his intimidating credentials as a successful business man and his uncanny and indeed, unconditional love for the masses, Bamusa is best positioned to be elected as governor of the state.
Bamusa pay a regular visits to Gombe State, he used to be seen during weddings, condolences, political gathering, and festivities, he has on several occasions give scholarship to individuals, financial assistant to the sick persons, and these has distinguished him with his contemporaries that visit the state only in the night and leave at dawn.
For the risk of sounding too patronizing, I make bold to say that I have no doubt in my mind that if given the opportunity to lead, Bamusa will change the face of the state for the better as he has demonstrated time without number that he has firm knowledge of the challenges of the state and will address them fine and square.
Here is one man who has remained the only elite and politician with pedigree, care, and concern which are some of the virtues that keep him moving among his equals, who has shown great understanding of the governance challenges confronting Gombe state, and, has shown in an uncommon manner, through actions and to some extent, inactions, that he has all it takes to reposition the state and make it at par with its peers.
Of course, what other qualities do followers need from a leader? And I ask again, what other qualities does our state need as far as genuine leadership is concerned?
Without sounding immodest, the feeling in Gombe is that of a ‘wait for Bamusa’ to declare his intention to run for the number one office under the ruling APC, a party for which he has supported in no small measure as its vibrant member.

– Jameel lives in Kumo and can be reached thru: