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IPOB Sit-at-home Order Records No Violence In Abia



BY Matthias  Nwogu, Umuahia
Commercial  and    social activities were  completely  paralysed in Abia  State  yesterday, as the  residents observed the  sit  at  home   order  by the Indigenous Peoples  of Biafra (IPOB)  in honour of the fallen  heroes of the Nigeria Civil War and  commemoration of the 50 Years  Anniversary of  the  declaration of  defunct State of Biafra.
In  Umuahia  and  Aba,  the major cities  of  Abia  State monitored by  LEADERSHIP , compliance  was total  as  banks, filling stations, schools, markets  and motor parks  were all closed for business. The exercise was  also  peaceful as    there was  no violence or  picketing by  IPOB  for compliance.
The Ariaria  International  Market Aba  which is the  largest  market in the state and one of the largest in West Africa, was  closed.  No traders were  seen loitering around  as they  all remained  at  home.
The  same  applied to  New  Market , Cemetery  and  Eke Oha Shopping  Centre.    Private  shops along the  streets were also under lock and  key, which  a bystander along St Michael’s  road said was the  first  of  its  kind  in the  commercial  city.
The  Aba  Main Park ,  where commercial  vehicles for  travelers commuting to  all parts  of  the  country  was  closed. The Milverton Avenue  Luxury Buses Loading  point was also  closed withonly  a few  passengers who  were not aware of  the  order  loitering around waiting  for  the  order to  elapse at about  12noon, while those who  could make  it back home  postponed their  journey  till the  next  day.
The  streets of Aba and  Umuahia  were also  deserted with only  few young  men  seen sitting down in groups  discussing  or  loitering around  aimlessly. Others were seen playing  football in the  empty streets this  was even as those who  came  out  to make  purchases or other transactions had  to  trek home as there were no  tricycles to  convey  them home.
The  streets  of Aba  were also  free of  security  personnel  as there were no  violent  activities to  attract their  attention at the    time  LEADERSHIP visited.




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