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. . . As Kano Igbo Traders Defy IPOB Sit-at-home Order



Leadership Nigeria News Today

Hundreds of thousands of Igbo traders resident in Kano, yesterday defied the sit-at home order issued by the Indigenous Peoples Of Biafra (IPOB).
The Igbos opened their businesses situated in various parts of the city.
The defiance of Kano Igbo traders was in contrast to the earlier sympathy IPOB seems to enjoy from the traders.
Prior to yesterday (Tuesday) IPOB disciples have been surreptitiously preaching and  canvassing for support among Kano Igbo residents.
A sympathiser of the movement, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, said the Igbos in Kano refrained from observing the IPOB, sit-at-home order to avoid being accused of inciting breach of public peace and creating distrust.
He said, if the Igbo nation in Kano should comply with the order,B their host community may misconstrue the motive behind the compliance.
Another IPOB sympathis
er who also craved for anonymity said the aim of any Igbo man in Kano is to fend for himself, admitting that despite the fact that IPOB  enjoys mass followership among some Kano Igbo traders, there involvement have to be tamed, therefore  wisdom prevails that all open IPOB activities should be confined to the South East.
Igbo predominant business zones situated  in Kofar Ruwa, Kofar Wambai Markets, Abubakar Rimi Market, France Road, Ibrahim Taiwo Road were beehive of business activities.