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Ebonyi/ CR Communal Clashes: 4 Killed In Ebonyi, 1000 Displaced



The lingering communal crisis between the people of Ofunakpa Inyimagu

community in Ikwo local government area of Ebonyi state and their
neighbors of Nsobo community in Obubara council area of Cross River
state has taken another dimension following the killing of four
indigenes of Ebonyi community and the displacement of more than 1000
women and children in the communal clashes.
Leadership gathered that the bone of contention has been the land
dispute between the 2 communities which witnessed the first attack and
truce in 1984.
Our correspondent who visited the community yesterday observed that
the community is now a ghost of itself as only police men were sighted
at two strategic points in the once bubbling village.
At the boundary it was also observed that more than 50 houses were
burnt down while others were looted and as well vandalised by the
attackers. Some of the burnt items including cars, motorcycles, yam
barn and other sundry materials littered the areas.
At the refugee camp located at Ofunakpa Community Secondary School,
Leadership met malnourished women, children including men and youths
who are currently taking refuge in the school as their houses were all
burnt down.
In an interview with the village head of the community, Mr. Nwofurakpa
Emmanuel explained that the crisis erupted on April 4th 2017 when at
about 8.00am their neighbouring community attacked their people with
various dangerous materials which led to the death of the first
The village Head said that when his people came to inquiry what was
wrong, the Nsobo people reinforced, came in the company of heavily
armed security personnel, who susceptibly gave them cover while they
attacked the community and sacked them from their houses without ant
’’While the unwarranted attack lasted, four people from our community
were in the process killed and their corpses taken away by the
The Village Head expressed regret that since the attack, the people of
the community has been displaced and unable to go to their farms and
called on the state and federal authorities to investigate the matter,
more so come to the rescue of the Internally Displaced indigenes of
the community.
Head Master of the community secondary school where the refugees
camped, Mr. Agwu Stephen said that their attackers were inhuman as
they not only killed their people but also roasted and ate their meat.
The Head Master explained that the Nsobo people are indigenes of Cross
River State who were on grounds of pity allocated plots of land within
their community only for them to turn around and start claiming
ownership of the land.
“As we speak our people are refugees for the good they did. But I
strongly sususpect foul play on the part of the security personnel
that accompanied them while they attacked us. Right now our village of
over 5000 people is a ghost town, we can’t go to farms, we can’t go to
school”, he stated.