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Kano: As Ganduje’s Support Base Widens




Whereas some find the statistics to be dry and detached, the  manifestations in Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje confirms the assertion  that numbers hold key to the deciphering of who got the numbers, got  the victory. Whilst, the opponents have at no time made numbers  their source of concern until they found themselves in a race where  numbers are decider. In this respect, the game of numbers and the  mastery of it rests in the hands of the governor.

He made it to the seat of power with over 1.5 million votes,  this indeed cannot only be said to have broken records, rather it has set a  record that no one came nearer in the Nigeria’s history of  gubernatorial race. Ganduje falls in the category of very few   people who are the real actors in an event to celebrate half a century of an extra ordinary adventure, specifically, the state he is  governing celebrating its 50 years of ‘Statehood’.

Extrapolating on the magic of numbers and the people with mastery  of numbers at their disposal, Ganduje comes across the  masters in the game of numbers, in the game of tells who is  above who. One cannot make it to a convincing conclusion to all that  by the spoken words of a person gave him victory over another.

One wonders how Ganduje cleverly crafted his philosophy of the game   of numbers at the expense of the students and teachers of numbers? He,  first of all, created his school of thought in politics and designed  its curriculum where numbers play significant role in understanding   what it takes to got victory in an election.

Secondly, he chooses very well suitable moment to contest in an   election, despite the fact that he recently made it  known that he recently made it known that he sacrificed his gubernatorial ambition for Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso in the 1999 general elections. Never had he declared his ambition  anymore since they lost re-election alongside his political associate,  now Senator Kwankwaso in the  2003 general elections. Ganduje never had   again re-contest election in 2007, until 2011 election, four years  after, when he re-contest as running mate to Rabiu Kwankwaso and  together had a successful four years rule.

Here comes the suitable moment for the present Kano State governor to have  aspired for governorship race in the last general election in 2015.

What did Ganduje observe that make him contest, and  considering the number of votes he scored convinced the majority that he played his game of numbers very well. No magic could  guarantee such a record breaking victory; it was all about playing the  game of numbers.

What are the weaknesses in leadership are Ganduje’s sleepless fills  until the number gives him what are his chances to contest and came  out victorious.

The fact is that between 1999 and 2011 general elections, Nigerians did not  witness enough of catastrophic economic crisis, financial recession  looming in the horizon  and falling standards of all the services  provided by public and private sectors, above all, lives of innocent citizens in Kano and north eastern region were later   cut short by the insurgents activities. Killing became the order of  the day by the dreaded and merciless jihadist sect of ‘Jama’atu Ahlil  Sunnah Lidda’awati Wal-Jihad’, known in the media as BokoHram.

This master in the game of numbers realized that falling so short of   providing required services to electorate and the six years old Boko Haram killing spree definitely changes the mindset of the electorate  and their only option was to go for candidates with likelihood of  taking them out of the wood. Not because the insurgency was not  infuriating to Ganduje, but that it beheld on the part of the leaders to   cooperate with the military to end insurgency within the shortest  possible time.

However, Ganduje realized that there must be a large number of voters  who had lost faith in the then Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)-led administration that would be willing to vote for a change in government that is  sincere and  committed to the people. He recently made it known that he sacrificed his gubernatorial ambition for Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso in the 1999 general elections to end insurgents’ killings, adding that  the aggrieved voters would vote the only opposition party of All  Progressive Congress, APC.

By extension, he surpassed the record of gubernatorial race in the   entire West Africa region. Had it been it were in smaller Africa  nation, like, Sao Tome & Principe, Gambia, others, Ganduje’s over 1.5

million votes would have been enough to give the bearer a victory in a Presidential  race.

The campaign pattern of Ganduje in the last  election revealed nothing other than the brief visitations to some  villages, towns and not many of parts of the ancient city areas of the  State.

The methodology is very simple and was made easy for the writer to   capture how Ganduje is playing this game of numbers. It’s easier for a   professional journalist like the writer to borrow a leaf from the theory in journalism school that stated ‘transit curiosity’ are ways  of gathering facts to do as much news stories and articles. Ganduje  may have read it somewhere or his been a teacher and long term public  office holder became conversant with it.

Kudos goes to governor Ganduje for his foresight to have held in   himself that it to befall within his reign the celebration of 50 years  of Kano Statehood. It’s indeed significant the moment of Golden   Jubilee befall under your leadership as it will avail you with  multiple choices to inaugurate, commissioned projects and a monument  has to be in place to be named after ‘Kano Golden Jubilee’ statures  and other commissioned projects to be named after individuals that all  are at the discretion of governor Ganduje. Again, game of numbers  fetched clever Ganduje a space to achieve quite a lot of what he may  be dreaming and nursing, and here come the opportunities to do just so.

A politician bragging to have the magic formula at his fingertips to   have a win or spoken words enough to pour out at any place suited him  best to be deceived of capturing the minds and hearts of the the   electorates, considering how rowdy he may turn out the spectators and applause that followed, cannot burst of having a lead in an election  rather than to continue to find it harder to decipher the nomenclature   of political compound.

The one and only propounding in dealing with democratic process in  recent time emanated from Gandujes school of though on politics and   best define what it takes to win election and also in the win discover  a lot of other winnings awaited (Kano Statehood at 50). May God be   with Kano State celebrating its 50 years of statehood.