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Niger Gov confirms FG interest in Hydro Carbon exploration at Bida Basin



Leadership Nigeria News Today

Niger State Governor, Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello has stated that the Presidency has directed  action should be taken on the exploration of  Hydro Carbon deposit at the Bida Basin.

The Governor who was speaking at the inauguration of a the state  committee on the Hydro Carbon deposit at the Bida Basin noted that President Muhammadu Buhari has directed that Hydro Carbon deposit at the basin  should be looked into for possible exploration.

He said the directive of the President was sequel to a letter he sent to the President on effort so far made in the state for the exploration of Hydro carbon deposit in the basin and the need for the federal government to intervene.

“The issue of the Hydro Carbon deposit in Bida Basin was suspected  to have been politicized in the past but now that we are getting the attention we required from the Federal Government we should quickly pursue it”, he said.

e noted that the state has made considerable and reasonable progress in the bid to attract the action to the exploration of the Hydro Carbon deposit on the Bida Basin.

The Chairman of the state  committee on the Hydro Carbon deposit exploration, Mal  Nda Muhammad assured the Governor that,  the committee will immediately hit the ground running in order to ensure that they diligently pursue their mandate.

He stated that the Governor has made their assignment easier with his earlier letter to the Presidency while IBB University Lapai has concluded most of the technical works on the basin for further action.

In another development, the Governor has set up a 15 man information and media management committee with Commissioner of Information, Culture and Tourism, Mr. Jonathan Vatsa as the chairman.