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Bauchi: APC Is United Behind Gov Abubakar – APC Chieftain




Murtala Ibrahim Kundum (Dan Malikin Boto) is a political activist and chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in Bauchi State. In this interview, speaks on some political issues happening in the state.

There was a contentious letter, purportedly sent to the Sultan of Sokoto by the Speaker of the House Representatives, who is representing the people of Tafawa Balewa, Dass and Bogoro federal constituency, what do you have to say about the letter?
First of all, let me say  without mincing words that the action of the Speaker is quite unfortunate because it doesn’t portray him as a good leader but rather shows his effort to smear the name and office of the governor. If Speaker Dogara as a leader has problem with the governor, he should have first contacted the governor and if they couldn’t resolve it then, any other person who he feels  can broker peace can be contacted. But writing a letter and releasing it to the media seems like some sort of blackmail.
Secondly, the request was  intended to divide the Muslim community not only in Bununu but in the whole of Tafawa Balewa Local Government Area and neighboring communities. Hon. Dogara has been representing us for almost 10 years now but till this moment, Bununu and other Muslim dominated areas within the local government Area are yet to access any good out of his representation. While Bununu people lack amenities like potable water, Speaker Dogara has provided for those areas he considered as his priority with potable water and other basics amenities.
It’s glaring that he has been adopting divide and rule tactics while the people have been tolerating him. This letter too is part of his style to deceive unsuspecting members of the public. It was also the same thing he applied to generate unnecessary fued between the governor and the other lawmakers. Instead of providing Bununu and its environs with basic social requirements, he chose to hide under the cover of completing a Mosque that was destroyed because of the disunity our people are suffering from.

Why was the mosque destroyed?
Hon Dogara has been in the National Assembly when ethno-religious crisis has been bedeviling the Tafawa Balewa communities; innocent people were murdered, mosques and houses were destroyed on daily basis and yet, he didn’t show any sign of commitment to curtail the situation until when the situation became worse. The former government of Bauchi State had to relocate the headquarters of Tafawa Balewa Local Government from Tafawa Balewa town to a safer location, Bununu. Astonishingly, Hon. Dogara headed to the court to challenge that holistic decision of the then government. In justification of the government decision, till now, the crisis has stopped.

Do you mean he has not been fair in his representation?
I challenge Hon. Dogara to prove me wrong if he has any visible constituency project in Bununu and its environs since 2007 when we elected him to the House of Representatives and I stand to be corrected. There is no indigene of Bununu that was ever appointed by Dogara in any capacity.
There have been outcries by the Speaker that traditional leaders were prevented from attending his programmes, and he was being sidelined from the affairs of the APC in Bauchi, what do you make of this?

It should be made clear that any person holding any office of authority which is paid for from the coffers of Bauchi State Government is a public servant and must not be allowed to be used by politicians. Therefore there must be a sense of decorum and courtliness as regards their participation in any event. Nobody had at any point in time instructed anybody not to attend any event unless the programmes were not being conducted in line with the laid down procedures and right protocols. While the party isn’t an individual property, I see no reason why someone would complain as such. When Isa Yugudu denied Dogara chance of recontesting in the Peoples Democratic Party, he quickly ran to the APC and got the ticket to secure his return to the 8th Assembly and his attitude to the governor who’s the party leader in the state is detrimental to the progess of the party. But all I know is that, the party is united in the state under the leadership of the governor and the state party officials.

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