By Sani M. Musa
In the history and epochs of the world’s democratic governance, it has all along been the sole and sinister objective for the social, political and economic elites of any society or nation to subjugate and oppress the majority of the people cum the masses while cornering the wealth and lucre for their sole benefits and control.
In the historic days of the Russia aforetime to the communist revolution, Britain before the advent of the parliamentary democracy, United State depression era, and even in Cuba before the Fidel Castro revolution, the story was sadly been the same, domination and perpetual control of state resources by a few to the disadvantage and pauperization of the vast majority. Certianly, the privileged classes in their arrogance, conceit and pomposity believed that, they are eminently qualified to continue to lord it over their poorer and more numerous subjects and are averse to any attempt at changing the status quo to allow the disenfranchised have any shot at living a better life and are ready to go the whole hog in thwarting any attempt to liberate the long sufferings of the masses. Therefore, that was how the communists of Russia faced unrelenting opposition to their efforts at emancipating the Russian people while Frederick Delano Rootlet, the American President was ridiculed by the wealthy and influential for proposing the‘New Deal’ program in order to lift millions Americans from poverty, hunger, homelessness and unemployment.
Surprisingly, after decades, the trend have been in practices within our modern democracy. In nearer home, the political climate in Bauchi State anterior to the emergence of Governor Mohammed Abubakar was similar to what was obtainable in the pre-New Deal United States as a virulent and despotic cabal had taken over the affairs of governance of Bauchi State since the returned of democracy in 1999, ensuring that whoever took over the reins of power must toe their line or be ready to be thrown out at any given opportunity. The so-called elites ensured that, the juicy and lucrative appointments and contracts was a right open only to their sons and daughters while the children of the poor and unknown could only aspire to be their hard labour servants.
Odiously, this reprehensible line of self-perpetuation continued with negative consequences to the citizens and the economic fabric of Bauchi Statethough, there have been strict resistance and gradual policy overhaul by the present administartion in order to  unshackle the state from the developmental and administrative peonage and helotry. It’s no doubt that, the inglorious reign of Bauchi’s rapacious elites conspired to relegate the state to an infinitely backward status in the nation’s human development infrastructural index with most of the state’s schools, hospitals, roads, power utilities and commercial and industrial infrastructure in a decrepit state, decaying and collapsing, if not totally rundown while a huge debt profile and backlog of civil servant’s salaries has become the descriptive features of the state.
This was the dismal situation that confronted Governor Mohammed Abubakar when he took over the reins of executive authority, in May 29th, 2015 with much hope and promise to turn around the state’s social, political and economic fortunes for the better. Indeed, a determined Gov. Abubakar vowed that the despicable status quo would no longer be allowed to stand signposting his vision of kicking the state to the next level in all the positive ramifications of governance. Visibily disturbed and traumatized by how the government’s properties were shared amongs the hanger-on and cronnies of the previous administration while running the state’s treasury dry, Gov. Abubakar has promised to changed things for the better and emancipate not only the people of Bauchi State, but the flagrantly abused institution of governance at all level.
Therefore, without much ado, Gov. Abubakar initiated a total revolution of sorts in the health and education sector, constructing and renovating of health and maternity centres, hospitals, primary and secondary classrooms, cum transforming the abandoned Bauchi State Orphans and Vulnerable Children Agency with first of the art facilities that includes; new hostels, modern kitchen, teacher’s quaters, workshop and auditorium. While in his effort to  boost transportation from rural to urban settlements and access to better education, advance healthscare access, easy exchange of goods and services, reduces travels time and accidents due to trafiic clogging, rural and township are being constructed and rehabilitated.
Albeit, with Bauchi State finally emerging from the shadows of feudalism and crude nepotism and cronyism under the Governor Mohammed Abubakar visionary and dynamic watch, it is to be expected that, opposition and hostility would definitely emerge from the camps of the unrepentant cabals whoafter bankrupting and impovershing the state, are now desperately fighting to maintain their stranglehold on a hapless and pauperized citizenry and on this score, the governor has been pilloried and castigated to no end by the self-important and self-perpetuating so-called godfathers of the state.
Nothing could be further from the truth as it is now clear to all and sundry that the despotic mafias that had all along ruled the state from behind the throne are aghast and frustrated that the independent minded Gov. Abubakar has decided to take a clean break from the sordid past in order to re-launch the Pearl of Tourism State on a path of fast track economic growth, social renewal, industrial re-engineering.

– Musa writes from Bauchi