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Is The West Mismanaging The War On Terror?



There was yet another terror attack on the heart of London on Saturday night during which six people were reportedly killed in a series of vehicle and knife attacks. More than 30 victims were said to have been treated at London hospitals. The Police was able to shoot the attackers dead. It was the third attack to hit Britain in as many months. More recently, a similar terror attack hit the city of Manchester at an Ariana Grande concert. When it was all over, the figure of the dead was put at 22.

The terrorists are sure choosing their targets and the intention is to instill fear in the minds of the people and make social life dreadful. That is not the surprise. What baffles most is that security operatives have decided to be reactive instead of being proactive in the execution of the war on terror. When the Manchester incident happened, the alert level was raised to “critical” which means an attack may be imminent. Days later it was lowered to “severe,” meaning an attack is highly likely.

With that information, it is still inexplicable that a terror attack took the police and other security operatives by surprise. It is beside the point that the terrorists were also killed after the act. They did not die alone. They took some lives with them. And that is unacceptable. From what is going on, it is either that those in charge have relapsed into complacency believing that the act of terror can be wished away. Or, there is an unfortunate lethargy on the part of the security operatives to make the required push expected to discourage the terrorists from further attacking innocent citizens. More worrisome is the possibility of failure of intelligence or even its neglect. If actually there is effective collaboration by the Intelligence community, then the strategy of implementation needs to be re-examined.

Whatever is the case, we think that the probability that the West is mismanaging the war on terror is overwhelming. Take the case of France where terror attacks became so rampant that the government of Francois Hollande was genuinely embarrassed. Analysts insist that the mismanagement of that ugly situation became a political issue and could have been one of the reasons why he dropped out of the Presidential race.

Belgium, the heart and headquarters of the European Union, on its part is fast becoming the breeding ground for home-grown terrorism in Europe to the point that native Belgians are regularly being recruited into that deadly force. Germany and the Scandinavian countries are not faring better in their approach to the war on terror as now and again incidences of terror attacks are reported.

For emphasis, it is not unlikely that the war on terror in the civilised world, as they choose to call themselves, is not receiving the kind of tough measures that it deserves. The victims of the attacks react with love and forgiveness each time such dastardly operations are carried out by those misguided urchins which further emboldens them to plan and execute deadlier attacks. But the truth is, in our opinion, that the average terrorist has lost all notions of love and humaneness. He plots to kill and maim without regard to the tenets of civilised behaviour around which the term love is intricately woven.

We are aware of the principles of human rights and liberty which are some of the pillars on which Western society, as we know it, is built. These are also some of the obstacles to an outright war on that gang with an insatiable taste for human blood.  Unfortunately, the terrorists neither recognise nor respect such principles. They actually find them abhorrent. In reality, a terrorist, any terrorist is a bully and a coward who when confronted with equal force, shows his true self. That force, so far, is either lacking or inadequate. The intriguing thing about the war on terror in the West is that the perpetrators are identified almost immediately after the act which means that the security authorities know them or have actionable information about them. This raises another question, why the reluctance to neutralise them before they become a real danger to decent society?

We are not by any means canvassing for a jettisoning of those principles that make the difference between life in a jungle and that in a civilised society. The point here is that the terrorists have since lost the right to be treated under those principles. They decided in favour of the law of the jungle where might is right. It will be understandable to any right thinking human being if they are taken out before they make the headlines. The West must accept that the joke has lost its fun.

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