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LEADERSHIP Photojournalist Wins 2017 UN Humanity Photo Award




LEADERSHIP Newspaper photojournalist Mr. Nurain Kolawole Aliu has emerged the only Nigerian in the Performance Awards winners of the Humanity Photo Award 2017 which was organised by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation and China Folklore Photographic Association (UNESCO/CFPA) in Beijing, China last week.

Aliu was presented the letter of the award via electronic medium yesterday.

The other African winners were two from Egypt, one from Ghana and South Africa respectively.

After the first round of judging, one of Mr. Aliu’s entries qualified him for the second round of judging. After serious evaluation for second round judging, he was among the top list of selected winning entries with his photo entry of the Maolud Nobiyyi celebration in which faithful Muslims in Agege and its environs gathered in a road show to rejoice and celebrate their noble prophet in Islam.

This entry was under the category of Traditional Rites of the Humanity Photo Awards 2017 competition. Other categories included Portrait and Costume; Architecture; Living Custom; Production and Commerce and Festivities.

There were 6,387 participants from 133 countries and regions who registered in the photo contest, and only 7,848 qualified photosets entered the evaluation process with 666 photos qualifying for the second round judging.

The award submission period which was from September 16, 2016 midnight to April 15, 2016 (Beijing time) received 8,000 qualified sets of photos of 4,790 participants from 123 countries and regions. The remaining categories where winners will emerge in September 16, 2017 are the 100 Nomination Awards; Jury’s Special Awards, 60 Documentary Awards and six Grand Awards.

The organisers of the Humanity Awards sets out to record the change and evolution of various folk and culture in a genuine, vivid and profound way, to record, spread and share the multi-cultures of the world with the aim of enhancing mutual understanding and communication between people and promoting world peace and development.

It also intends to contribute to world peace and development and contribute to the world folklore photo museum with world-wide cultural records.