By Chuwang Dung,

A young woman bitten by a poisonous snake died on Monday, few hours after giving birth to a baby at the Kaltungo General Hospital, Gombe State due to excessive lost of blood.

The 9 months old pregnant woman resident in a village in Taraba state was rushed and admitted at the Snake treatment unit of the hospital on Monday morning after being bitten by a snake known as carpet Viper.

The chief nursing officer of the Snake unit, Yunana Baraya, who refused to disclosed the name of the woman said she went into labour immediately after she was treated at the emergency section of the unit but her condition started deteriorating immediately after the delivery on Monday afternoon after excessive bleeding.

“She continued to bleed and had acute abdominal pain after delivery. She was lying unattended for a long time because there was no blood at the hospital blood bank to be administered to her which led to her death.” He said.

Baraya said while trying to safe the woman her relatives were able to get a donor with a marching blood, unfortunately after testing and screening the blood the discovered there was infection and it was not safe to administer it to her.

The Chief nursing officer, who said that the baby is presently healthy and in a sound condition adviced that there is the need to immediately conduct a medical investigation to ascertain the health of the new- born.

Madam Rose, a resident of Kaltungo who witnessed the tragic situation told our Correspondent that many women and children have died in the hospital in a similar circumstances.

Narrating an incident that recently happened, she said a woman lost a lot of blood after delivery, Doctors wanted blood to save her and the baby but there was no blood available and before her relatives could go round in search of a donor she eventually died.

Lamenting she said. “Although we can say it was God’s plan, I am assuring you the mothers would have survive had it been there was blood in the hospital bank to handle their cases.

Rose then appealed to government to quickly take a close look at the situation with the view of addressing it to help save lives” as nobody deserve to die in such a helpless situation.”