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Aftermath Of Gov Bindow’s ‘Hurricane Of Change’



Leadership Nigeria News Today

By   Yakubu Uba
“Hurricane of Change” is a lengthy documentary on Adamawa’s Success Story under the two-year leadership  of Governor Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla popularly known as Bindow that was shown to dignitaries and others on May 29 to mark Democracy Day.
Many that were opportuned to see the hurricane documentary including Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftains like Prof. Jibrin Aminu and Ambassador Wilberforce Juta were so impressed that they endorsed the APC administration for 2019. The brand new Waziri of Adamawa, Atiku Abubakar, also endorsed Bindow that day.
The myriad of platitudes and accolades, really humbled and excited governor Bindow but not some APC supporters  who were denied entry into government  house to watch the hurricane. The angry supporters who were denied entry themselves decided to form a human hurricane, and went about damaging billboards advertising Bindow’s achievements erected at strategic places in the city.
As if that was not enough, a group of APC stalwarts comprising two APC serving senators, Abdulal-Azeez Nyako and Ahmad MoAllayidi went to a parallel Democracy Day celebration organized under the banner of Buhari/Osinbajo Again ( BOA) where Bindow was tagged as a “ betrayer” that must not be allowed to go beyond 2019! One wonders whether they too were not invited to watch the hurricane.
Some journalists who were not invited or came late and were not allowed to enter Government House banquet hall to see the documentary film and series of endorsements that followed the actor, ended up covering and making a breaking news out of the destruction of the governor’s bill boards and the parallel democracy day celebration! And their reports particularly the one carried by a private national television station has remained a sour taste  in the mouth of the hurricane show organizers who continue to look gloomy like letters at the wrong address.
The governor is said to be sad about the development, but more sad are his retinue of media aides and consultants involved in organizing the democracy day event as they watched their melody in government house transformed into a malady outside the house.
To add salt into injury, the state chairman of the PDP, Alhaji Abdulrahman Bobboi, summoned a press conference where he went against the position of the party chieftains (Prof. Aminu and Juta) by describing Bindow’s performance as “below average”.
Bobboi was also miffed with the celebration of the democracy day inside government house instead of the normal and popular Ribadu Square meant for such  purpose so that the “big men and small men” can mix and give their scores on the government mid term scorecard irrespective of class or party affiliations.
Bobboi insisted that the government and the handlers of that event must be hiding something for them to transfer such big event to a highly restricted area like government house.
My hope is that the organizers of this year’s democracy day have learnt a lesson on how not to plan a big event ignoring the greater public and the media for whatever reason. They need to advertise their achievements in a big way and not just through a documentary show for a few. Late Sardauna of Sokoto said that, if you don’t blow your trumpet, nobody will blow it for you.
There is this saying by Henry Ford that, a man who stops advertising such big event the way it should under the pretext of saving  money is like a man who stops a clock to save time! One can now see clearly why Gov. Bindow is always complaining of poor and bad publicity due to bad handlers who refused to change.
Apart  from the state owned  government media that are doing a surface job, nobody is projecting Bindow’s  scorecard at the national and international level; not even his retinue of media aides and consultants.
Change begins with me says an APC slogan. Really, somebody or some people in Bindow’s administration need to change their approach to publicity.
A stitch in time…

– Uba sent in the piece from Yola