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Venezuela Repudiate US Sanctions



By Tunde Oguntola, Abuja
Venezuelans Diplomatic Missions of the Bolivarian Republic of
Venezuela on the African Continent has reiterated it resolute to
reject, repudiate, denounce and combat aggressions that the Venezuelan
ultra- right has been perpetrating against to the Bolivarian people of
Venezuela, with aggressions sustained by the US government, and some
European and Latin American allies.

In an open letter entitled: ‘’ From the Cradle of Humankind, We Are,
We Defend, We Want and We Fight With and for the Bolivarian Revolution
of Venezuela’’ by Venezuela’s president, Nicolas Maduro Moros it
stressed that the country’s transcendent process, for its inclusive
policies on every level region or continent, has been highly
differentiated from those executed by the fourth Venezuelan Republic.

Moros said the serious denunciation that the country is making should
contribute to increase the perception, knowledge and acceptance that
it brothers of the mother continent, Africa, have of the beautiful
popular, popular, revolutionary and deeply democratic process promoted
by our eternal commander Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias.
‘’Through the hand of the eternal commander and through his word and
deed, the world could longer conceal the paradox of wealth and
inequality in Africa and other continents.

‘’The fight against poverty and inequality became the fight against
foreign interference, violence and terrorism.

‘’The diplomacy of the people, inscribed in the policies of our
diplomatic missions, allows us to make a strong, powerful and
triumphant African continent visible, on its way to dignity
sovereignty, independence and development,’’ he said.
Moros noted that Venezuela is very pleased and proud to be in Africa
and associated with the continent.

‘’We share joyous and sorrows in the future of this continent and we
join forces for the struggle for world peace, for Africa and

‘’By way illustration, we would like to explain what the radical
opposition of the Bolivarian Venezuela has done irresponsibly.
‘’Republic of we denounce that the Venezuelan ultra-right: is
stateless and associated with its international counterparts in
murdering girls, boys, adolescents, adults and the elderly for a
handful of US dollars.

‘’Uses sophisticated and expensive military equipment to impose its
criteria through a fourth- generation unconventional war.
‘’Destroys streets, roads, bridges, sewers, electrical, electronic and
telephone networks, ambulances, patrols, buses and private vehicles,
and also fundamental goods for life and health such as hospitals,
maternities, dispensaries, clinics and warehouses.
‘’In the face of so much organized violence and the opposition’s
denial for dialogue, in the presence of intermediaries recognized by
both parties, President Nicolas Maduro Moros, based on the
Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Articles 347-
348 and 349, has decided:

‘’To call on a National Constituent Assembly where the sovereign
people will make the decision that leads to the free, universal,
direct and secret election of women and men who will put themselves in
charge of institutionalism for the radical suppression of violence, to
honor dialogue as a democratic expression in a diverse cultural and
political country for the recovery of the fundamental values of our

‘’To date, assembles have been held in almost all the states of the
country with broad participation of various sectors that aspire to
live in peace, consolidate and optimize the constitutional bases that
we gave in 1999.

Moros added that the fruit of his initiative will lead to the election
of all public powers, but that is not what the ultra- right Venezuelan
opposition wants for its commitments to the financiers of imperialism
and its lackeys.