Asin of Oka land in Akoko South-west local government area of Ondo State, His Royal Majesty (Amb) Regent Adekemi Omorinbola has called for societal support and assistance to people living with disabilities.

In an interview with LEADERSHIP in Abuja at the weekend, Omorinbola frowned that the Nigerian society does not encourage the development of people living with disabilities.

The 22-year-old female royal father who is also an Ambassador of Peace stressed the need for the Nigerian society to encourage the disabled, while artisans among them should be empowered to develop their skills.

“I think that the disabled should be well encouraged, because they are human being like every other person, but god created them the way they are. The society should not scorn at their disabilities.

They should be taken good care of them, especially their welfare. Some of them who are artisans need people to empower them to develop their skills.”

She noted that many parents who gave birth to disabled persons have abandoned them, because they do not want to be identified with their disabled children, adding that such attitude should stop.

Omorinbola disclosed that she would soon unveil her pet project which aims at developing those living with disabilities in the Nigerian society and making them responsible citizens.

“I am thinking of embarking on a pet project which aims at the development of the disables in the society. This is because the society does not encourage the disable. They see them as nothing.

I have started making consultations and seeking assistance to support this project. So hopefully before the end of the year, I will launch my project on the disables,” she said.