UK based 3rd World Music Group record label owner, Nannio is set to take the Nigerian music industry by storm. The set which comprises Sekjen, Nannio the brain, Joleeta the lady of the house, Viper X, Kiidpro, Lil Deey, Nocky J and Mr. Drewz are set to take the industry by storm. ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM had this exclusive interview with them in Abuja and they reacted individually.  These are their reactions.


My name is Naniel am a J-town boy born and raised in Jos but I grow up in London. A lot of my life has been spent in London so I have always been musicaly oriented. I have been into music since age of 15 and I rap. I have been rapping and am putting things together. I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur because I have always wanted to own my own destiny. So the motivation behind that was I don’t want to be under someone, and I don’t want to work for somebody. I just wanted to have my own future and change something and on top of that, I wanted to make a difference I want my impact to be felt We Are Here To Take Over Music Sound In Nigeria -3rd World Music Group.

I decided that I want to come back to Nigeria and start a record label 3rd World Music Group. I started third world music for a reason because we want to basically showcase Africa and  show them that the third world is not exactly something to be look down on. We want to use our talents and show the positive side of ‘third world’. I also have like a managing company who is going to help manage the artistes and the 3rd World Music Group. So right now I have two managers that are going to help me manage this hard situation, we are going to meet. Lastly, I have a clothing line which I am startingg up is called ‘SWG’. SWG is basically the short form for ‘Swag’. So I am basically just trying to put everything together. I already have a collection of artistes and we have come out as a group to showcase skills and talents.

At the moment we have about five artistes. So in the next two years what is your vision for this program?
In the next two years we are going to be among the stars, what I always say to these guys is if you shoot to the moon, if you miss, you are among the stars. So in the next two years we want to be established, we want to be known in our local market, our local market which is Nigeria. We want to be a household name and want to start exporting our music to other parts of Africa. We will start touching the other parts of the world, so when next you go to Korea you get to listen to us.

Lil Deey:

My name is Lil Deey born and raised in Jos. It all started when I was 8years old and my dad is always a lover of music so music is all about me and every moment I am always in the music mood .That was how I began to fall in love with music. Basically, I started as a rapper but with the way things was going; I decided to change into Afro-pop music which is much better. I stuck to it and I am doing better at it. It all started on a very good ground when I received a phone call from my lecturer informing me about this record label that want to work with some artistes so a date was fixed, we met and we got to play our music for him, he liked them all. He organised a birthday party for his mom and that was where we got the opportunity to showcase our talent and sing our songs to her. Before I got into the label, I was having like eight tracks but now that I am with the label we are still working on some tracks. With the manager, I think something big is coming our way.

Nocky J:

My name is Naughty J from J-town and Langtan by tribe. I am just a simple guy who loves music.I which started way back in college with friends and family in the rap industry. I just fell in love with the music and eversince then, I have embraced it. Right now I am into Afro pop. When I was in school in Jos, I have a lecturer Mr. Andrew Augustine. He really believed in music, anything entertainment he just got the jerk. I never knew he was observing. He was just keeping records of all the things we were doing. So he also gave me a call that was last year December, he was like ‘there is this record label’ at first he said he will like to meet me, I went to his office, we chatted about the record label. Entertainment these days is basically business; everybody just comes up with something that doesn’t count. So the lecturer sounded very serious and promising I was like okay let’s do this. I can’t tell you the number of tracks I have right now but I have couple of tracks we are working on and currently still working on something very big. We thank God for the right crew, the right management and the right boss.


My name is Joleeta I started music rather consciously; I decided that I would do this after a beauty pageant I did not win. I got some voice training staff worked on it and did my first track that never came out. I met some producers worked with them and thereafter we started dropping stuff before I could realise what was happening, I was already on radio in Jos and so it became serious and I felt this can actually be something that could be. So I forgot about every other thing. I read Mass communications and so the options for me was to be a presenter, but I decided to just concentrate on music and I get inspired by my experiences, they have been very dramatic and it inspires me a lot and then what I see around. Being the only lady among many men doesn’t really feel strange because I am used to being the only person like among guys. Its okay and I enjoy myself, nobody is looking down on me because I am a woman we see ourselves like colleagues, we encourage each other, we inspire each other and then we suggest things for each other to build each other. I do Afro-pop until I met Nannio.

Then I did RnB and a little bit of Reggae. Yeah absolutely, I felt disappointed when I was on stage during a beauty pageant in Jos Face Of Peace, it was at Crest hotel I was just doing my thing and everyone was just looking at me, but anytime I feel like that I don’t get discouraged at all I just look at the person that is feeling me and I act as if it is only that person in the hall and I just entertain that person. I just key into the idea, or aim of the label itself to show Africa to the world, this is who we are we don’t have to hide under the umbrella of other genres of music to make it. We are going to represent Africa and they are going to buy it. So it’s just to project Africa and take it as far as we can. Thfirst time I met Nannio, I thought this guy is too young to run a record label, but after the first meeting and after the performances, I said this guy really knows what he is doing because the way he organised the whole event he did everything he said he was going to do and he did it well, it was then I made up my mind this is the guy to go with.

Viper X:

My name is Solomon Iliya Yenkeri aka Viper X born and raised in Bauchi State and I am into pop and soul music.I came in contact with them through Mr. Andrew because after we met he called me and he was like there is something on ground that I should come over and he assemble all of us in his office in Jos. We sat down with Nannio, the owner of 3rd World Music so literally that was how we met. It been great, music to me is life, it inspires, it what has been inspiring me and it’s everything to me. The first time I met him was in Mr. Andrew’s office and I was like it’s going to be great. And it was also a huge opportunity to showcase my talent out there through him. I see myself in the future very successful and getting my music out there.


My name is Emmanuel, I am an artiste, and I make music. I am into Hip hop because it is the culture and that’s what we are used to. I can’t remember when I started off in music. I have been in the church, my dad is a cleric so then we use to go and arrange instruments before the church services starts and at the end of the day we will still have to take them home. 3rd World Music It’s like home to me because its own by my brother. Expect fire from us.


My name is Jesse Egbe from Edo State. I go by the name Sekjen. My influence at the moment is connected to just a particular artiste Sam Gabriel. I have being working with me for the third world music crew even though they have been together for a while now going to 3, 4 years but we have been together. But now I’m already part of 3rd World Music, we are just pushing thing forward.

Mr. Drewz:

My name is Andrew Augustine aka Mr. Drewz an Indigene of Kaduna State am the manager of the SWG brand, The 3rd World Music record label and the manager of both. It wasn’t actually a coincidence that when you see a talent you know. So the very first day we met on different occasion, I knew they are up for something very great so I was able  to talk to them myself .So it was easy to bring them together knowing that they all have the talent to excel.