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Social Media And The Family



By Pindar Balami
Social media are computer mediated technology that allow the creating of platform for chats and friendship. It is a useful tool that is frequently used as part of daily personal and professional lives. As technology continue to advance, the number of people using the internet is rapidly growing. Unfortunately people become addicted to the social media and the number is growing each day. It is possible for any addict to have direct impact on the family, because members of the family may experience isolation when an addict is obsessively using social media they become quickly disengaged with their surroundings.
Looking from an optimistic perspective, children and parents have gained a powerful tool of communication. Indeed while communicating in person might be difficult for both teenagers and their parents during the so called “teenagers rioting” period, the social network provide a valuable opportunity for communication.
In our modern Day today, the social media has taken over the good and cordial relationship among family members, where parents has no intimate relationship with their children because everybody have developed relationship on phone with friends. The beautiful time that one is supposed to spend with the family is already taken away by social media.
Parents no longer have time for their children instead of them to sit and talk with them they leave them with social media which have both negative and positive side on them. It exposes them to the world without telling them what the world really looks like.
It is also noted that because of social media family members now ignore their feelings and obligations to each other. Even the way family sit and communicate has changed because group chats have represent family chats, eventually the love that once exist is no more there.
Children also develop characters that are so unspeakable because there is no one to take care of them and notice changes in their behavior. Some of these characters are using vague words, indecent dressing, and porn watching and having premature sexual intercourse and lack respect as most of the friends online are wayward children.
The negative effects of social media on the family cannot be over emphasized as it is clearly seen in most Nigerian home that parents that spend much time on social media spend less with their families and also children that spend much time on social media are tend to have bad behavior.
In order to amend this, parents are expected to plan their schedule and spend more time with their children and children should also avoid sites and chat groups that are not helpful to them.

– Balami wrote from the Mass Communication Department, University of Maiduguri