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A Remarkable Life Of Alhaji Yusufu Maitama Sule (Danmasanin Kano)




Alh. Yusufu Maitama Sule, Danmasanin Kano was a visionary, orator, scholar, intellectual, politician and a genius. He was many things in one. He passed away and with his passing, we have lost one of the first and pioneering politicians in Nigeria and the North in particular lost its shining star. He was loved by many and loathed by a few. He will be missed by all.

I first met him in the 1970s in London as a student sharing a flat in Bayswater with his son Bashir who is also late. I had a very interesting encounter with him which at the beginning was looking very awkward because he was treating us as his friends rather than his children. He was jovial, cracking jokes and exchanging banter with us. His was a humorous and his humor could be mistaken and likened as comical. There was a never a dull moment each time you meet him and above all you always have some things to learn from him. He was full of wisdom.

Danmasani was a brave and courageous man who said things as they are and as they should be. He was proud of his roots. He respected people and treated them well. He was down to earth and man of all seasons that he could fit in any kind of situation. He had no vendetta or malice. His was a lifetime of service.

Danmasani died a fulfilled man but also a sad man having to live to see how our values and characters have changed for worse. His profession politics was turned into a business enterprise and greed, corruption and many other things have polluted the social and political environment. The core value of the north was debased. The traditional north where powerful emirs would sneak in the dark of the night to seek counsel and guidance from elders and a scholar in their domain is no more. We now have politicians without borders wreaking havoc on us and who do not listen to or respect people .The name of the game is no more service to the people but personal enrichment.

From Gowon to Buhari and all the in-betweens have learned many things from him. The latest video and audio clips that are going viral in the Social Media in which he was advising President Muhammadu Buhari  on leadership within the context of Islam say a lot about the man and his courage to say things as they are. I believe there are many leadership lessons we can learn from Danmasani.

I am extremely happy with the speed with which Governor Ganduje responded and honored the man. There is still more to be done. I call his friends particular the other Danmasani of Daura Alh. Sani Zangon Daura to compile all his speeches, lectures, talks, interviews etc as a booklet to be titled as “Words on Marble” – or “Pearls of Wisdom”- the speeches of the greatest Orator Danmasanin Kano. This is the best honor we can do to the man. By this, present and future generations of Nigeria will learn and appreciate the good work of this uniquely naturally gifted Nigerian.

May Allah (SWT) grant him ALJANNAH FIRDOUS.  

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