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Congestion Looms At Seaport Over Cargo Evacuation




There are tensions at the Lagos seaports- Apapa and Tin-Can over fear of congestion due to poor evacuation of cargoes. The evacuation challenges were caused by the poor management of traffic both inside and outside the Tin-Can and Lagos Port Complex.

However, the largest container terminal in West Africa, APM Terminal has raised the alarm of congestion saying gaining access into the ports have become a nightmare. Speaking on condition of anonymity because she was not supposed to speak, a top management staff of the company said it may be difficult to receive new containers since already received are yet to be moved out of the seaport.

It was learnt that the truck drivers moving cargoes from the ports have been finding it difficult to move the cargoes to their various destinations due to traffic gridlocks inside the port. Also, findinds have revealed that the ongoing rehabilitation work ongoing on the port access road of Oshodi-Apapa and Apapa – wharf road has made evacuation a tall order.

A truck driver, Abiola Aleshinloye, told LEADERSHIP that he spent a day on the access road trying to access the seaport. “I have been on this road for days and the traffic on this road is getting worse every day. If the road is in good state, I should have gone into the port and pick up the container I am here for and it should have been delivered to the rightful owner but the reverse is the case,” he lamented.

Another truck driver, Yusuf Bala said he had been on the road for three days trying gain access into the ports but to no avail. Bala, who said he came from Sokoto state to pick a 40feet container from the port, said the traffic is taking toll on truck drivers.

“I came all the way from Sokoto to carry a container at the port since then I have been on this Apapa road for three (3) days now all because of the bad road. The government should come to the aid of the truck drivers because we are the ones suffering it the most.”

Also speaking, Chikordi Nwauor, said he has spent four days on queue to access the port to drop empty container.

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