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Sultan Calls For Probe Of Taraba Killings



By Beatrice Gondyi, Bauchi

Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar III has called for the setting up of a judicial commission of inquiry to investigate the recent uprising in Taraba State where many people were killed and a number of citizens displaced.

The Sultan was speaking at the National Symposium and Launch of 2025 Vision and 2017 General Assembly Meeting of Da’awah Coordinating Council of Nigeria (DCCN) inBauchi, at the weekend.

“The government must come openly and condemn the act, and put a committee either judicial or tribunal or whatever it is to find out who are responsible for the act and those people found must be punished.”

“We will not allow that thing to die like that, we will follow it to conclusiveness. If it means taking it to higher authority, we will do so and we will not abandon our people,” he said.

The Sultan, who explained that they were in touch with governors and other leaders on the issue, stressed the need for people to allow the law takes its course.

He,however,said that it is not time for lamentation but rather for action, stressing that “Issues are being brought out so that we will know how to go about getting solutions to the problems, because once you know you have a problem, you have half of the solution”.

The Sultan therefore called on religious and political leaders to address issues and make attempts to douse tensions in the country, as he suggested the setting up of a Think-Tank for the DCCN that could easily take decision on behalf of all members through reaching out to leaders.

“That will be a better way of handling issues, let’s not wait until we have such crisis in our hands and then we start crying, there is no need crying over spilled milk. It is better to take action before certain things go out of hand”, he said.

According to the Sultan, it is important for leaders to douse tension whenever they meet at a platform to discuss what affects their people instead of whipping up religious, regional or ethnic sentiments.

He explained that Islam must be propagated in the best manner and way possible which will make its message more acceptable, stressing that it is better to be understood than to be tolerated because Islam means everything good, like peace, tolerance, adding “If we understand one another, we will be better off as one people, Sultan Abubakar also suggested that invitation should be extended to non-Muslim leaders at  subsequent meetings of the DCCN in order for them to hear what Muslims are discussing and show them what Islam is instead of letting others tell them about Islam.