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Monarch Commends Goldberg For Cultural Initiatives




His Royal Majesty, Oba Aladetoyinbo OgunladeAladelusi (Odundun ıı), the Deji of Akure Kingdom has commended Goldberg, a brand from the stables of Nigerian Breweries Plc for promoting the cultural values of the Southwestern people of Nigeria through its cultural initiatives.

The commendation was made when a team from Nigerian Breweries paid a courtesy visit to the Kabiyesi in his Palace in Akure to felicitate with the monarch on his second year anniversary on the throne. The team also used the occasion to inform Kabiyesi of the cultural music talent concert, Ariya Repete holding in the city on that day.

“Respect is a key attribute of Goldberg, and so we are here to pay homage to Kabiyesi on his second year anniversary and for also giving us the opportunity of coming to Akure for the quarterfinal of Ariya Repete”, said TayoAdelaja, Public Affairs Manager, West and Mid-West, Nigerian Breweries Plc.

He further reiterated that Nigerian Breweries Plc as a corporate and responsible citizen promotes the identification and nurturing ofyoung talents through its cultural music platform, Ariya Repete, thereby reducing the impacts of youth unemployment in the country.

On his part,Kabiyesi commended Goldberg and Nigerian Breweries for their immense support tothe cultural traditions of Akure which his throne representssince his coronation two years ago. “On my coronation, it was Goldberg that supported me; during my first year anniversary, it was Goldberg; and now my second year anniversary and it is still same Goldberg.”

The Kabiyesi then declared ‘Goldberg as the official drink of the palace,” and gave his support and blessings to the team for bringing Ariya Repete quarterfinal to Akure.



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