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Meet Verse Agashua: The Girl Who Thought Herself Korean Language




It is said that those born with silver-spoon often don’t use the spoon like those who weren’t born with it. In all parts of the world, Nigerians are known to be intellectually sound in whatever profession. They are the most dedicated and hardworking set of people across the globe.

Their attitudes towards anything they devote their heart to always come out excellent, little wonder people like the facebook founder and co are craving to work with many young smart Nigerians.

Recently, a video went viral of a young girl from Vaatia College, Makurdi, Benue State, known as Miss Verse Agashua who speaks the Korean language learnt all by her. The young petit pretty looking girl was seen in the video very calm, chewing the language like kimchi (a Korean delicacy). She was all smiles when she was asked to sing a birthday song for her dad who just celebrated his birthday and alas! She thrilled, leaving everyone bewildered. She also spoke at learnt about some issues which only those who understand the Korean language could relate to.

The special thing about Agashua is the Korean accent she possed. The accent is undoubtedly unequivocal. According to the video, she started watching Korean movies and reading their litratures right from a tender age, learning the word and speaking it.  She has never attended any Korean language class nor visited Korea for a second but her dream is to visit the country of her dreams…the country she has been used to right from her tender age.

She believe that one day, the  Embassy of the Republic of Korea, will make her dreams come through by not only going to Korea to see all what she has been reading and watching on TV, but also to be given the opportunity to study and make a lively hood over there. It is believe that the embassy will look into this and make her dream come through.






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